Great Teambuilding Ideas

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Great Teambuilding Ideas: Look at these teambuilding concepts:

You can design your own customized teambuilding workshop for your organization. Identify the participants, the resources, time management issues, dates, and location. Focus on the goals you want to accomplish in the workshop to build trust, collaboration, and teamwork. Start building an agenda with icebreaker and add more exercises, activates or games. My best pratices was to conduct half-day workshops, or four hours in length. Make sure you run a dress rehearsal practice session. You should have a Game plan A and be ready for Game B for your workshop day. Another option is to outsource your teambuilding workshop to an independent contractor. Sometime the “ Expert” is someone who is 50 miles from out of town. This expert may have more credibility and be a change agent for your organization.

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Take your team to a Dude Ranch in Dallas , Texas, USA

Great Teambuilding Ideas:

Try out these action learning teambuilding ideas.

4x4 vehicle driving, paintball games, rock climbing, go-karting racing, Lego building, corporate days, James Bond activities, golf tourtments, softball teams, summer picnics, Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) amusement park, and Christmas parties. Celebrate birthday parties with carry in potlucks. Buy the team donuts for breakfast or pizza for lunch. Take your team out to local sporting event, College or Pro. Sometimes you can get a group discount. Put on your own thinking cap and come up with your own Teambuilding ideas

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Find teambuilding venues

Great Teambuilding Ideas:

Here are some training programs for you to think about: Take your team to a dude ranch.

Try out a GPS Land Rover adventure

Visit your local ropes course. Contact your local Boy/Girl Scouts, YMCA, and local summer camps.

Sponsor a ski event

Attend a creative cooking school

Take your team out on a canoe trip or whitewater rafting

Use art to build your team !

Creative Teambuilding Idea:

Proctor & Gamble (P & G) uses off site location to allow teams to brainstorm problems concerning their products. The retreat is converted 19th century brewery located in Cincinnati, Ohio a few blocks from P & G headquarters. Teams of 12 people made up of marketing, sales, finance, and consumer research and design tackle company issues. Teams listen to new age thinkers, and futurists to open their creative process think, and to open up their world. The team sits in circles and starts each day with good morning and Zen Buddhism exercises. The retreat manger includes 16-year P & G employee and a trainer with a theater, design and engineering background. Each team is responsible for deliverables before they leave the retreat. The retreats success story is the turnaround of Herbal Essences sales by changing names and redesigning packaging.

P&G got the retreat brainstorming idea from Mattel, Inc.

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Great Teambuilding Ideas:

Find good teambuilding programs. Excellent Team Building Toys Available Here!

Great Teambuilding Ideas:

Have teambuilding fun with a chili-cook-off.

This is great teambuilding idea especially in the wintertime after the holiday season. This event can be held privately for your organization or you could open it up to public for a fundraiser for your favorite charity. Encourage each team to come up with their own them for their chili. Allow teams to dress up for the event and decorate their display tables. Identity your judges and let them the select the best chili. It fun to have a people's choice award. Pass out the trophies. Visit here for more on Chili Cook-off teambuilding : Chili Cook-off Teambuilding

Does your team need a stress buster?

Does Your team need your emotional battery recharged? I know that when it’s been too long since I’ve gotten a break, it begins to affect my moods, and my energy levels, and my ability to think clearly and act decisively.

For me, solitude is a wonderful "stress buster." Solitude allows me to reconnect with my soul, and it helps me to listen to my deepest yearnings. The “noise” and confusion of my everyday world can be left behind and I can just listen to what my soul is saying.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature is my favorite way to find solitude. In nature I open my senses and soak in every moment. Many times as I stroll and breathe deeply I can feel the tension and the stress leaving my body. I’ll look to the heavens and thank God for all of nature’s miracles...the blazing colors of a fall hillside, the sound of a whippoorwill, or the breathtaking beauty of a sunset across the water.

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