Extreme teambuilding

Paintball teambuilding

Paintball teambuilding

Take your team out for fun adventure !

Paintball began in the mid 80s as playful foresters would target each other after tagging trees. Cowboys also used paint capsules shot from air guns to sort cattle. Both groups claim to have originated the game. Seems most accurate to say that when a temptation exist, rough and tumble, hardworking men are not going to resist finding a good reason to laugh.

It didn't take long for the game to spring forth from the minds of highly imaginative individuals who saw the opportunity to bring the childhood fun of playing cowboys and Indians to life. Gun makers cleared their workbenches of black powder and turned to air. Pharmaceutical companies were excited about developing a new product which dealt with nothing more toxic than soap. Folks with more land than cattle became entrepreneurs with little more than a few directional signs and a dependable pickup to haul the paintballs.

Ropes courses

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Outdoor teambuilding activites

Take your team on a retreat to the great outdoors. Find a cabin, resort, or lodge near you to plan your outdoor activities. Here are some examples of extreme teambuilding activities.

Natures treks





Rock Climbing



camping trips

water sports

snow sport





skydive teambuilding

Outdoor teambuilding exercises

1. Plan a treasure hunt near a park or summer camp close to your business.

2. Use skydiving for an extreme teambuilding exercises.

3. Visit a local archercy range or shooting clay pigeons.

4. Have your teams build water powered rockets. See which team can shoot the highest rocket.

Action learning teambuilding

Team Development

Paintball Teambuilding

Rock Climbing

Take your team international-teambuilding event

Action Learning Teambuilding
Hong Kong Teambuilding
International Teambuilding
Paintball Teambuilding
Rock Climbing Teambuilding
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