Innovative Work Teams

Over the past ten years, organizations have responded to the competition with work teams to solve problems and to generate innovation. Business challenges have increased and new concepts have helped teams to evolve. Building strong teams in a difficult economic environment may be challenging, it nay also lead to new opportunities for effective work teams.

Human resources professional help build teams. How teams are brought together and how they work together may be constantly evolving, but the importance of shared goals and objectives remain constant. A work team can be defined as a group that is brought together to perform organizational task and common goals

In a recent SHRM Workplace vision, reported that innovation teams 56 % of the time developed most new ideas. Teresa Amaible and Mukti Kharie reported in the October 2008, Harvard Review 6 ways to encourage innovation through employee and team creativity:

1. Tap ideas from all ranks of employees by distracting creative responsibilities across the organization.

2. Recognize that today most innovation draw innovation on many contributions and therefore encourage and engage collaboration.

3. Encourage people of different disciplines, backgrounds, and areas of expertise to share their perspective and ideas.

4. Recognize that different stages of the create process may require different kinds of support; teams engage at the front the front end of developing a new idea may be hampered by too much process management, while those working on the final stages of bringing a new product to market may benefit from process improvement standardization.

5. Create a culture that recognizes the ebb and flow of innovative creative work, including the inevitable of failure and the need to learn from it.

6. Motivate creative teams by providing the excitement intellectual challenge and the opportunity to pursue interests and by demonstrating management engagement with creative innovation and a positive attitude toward it.

Goggle has conducted research and they have found their best ideas rise from the top, from informal teams. A focus on innovation may mean encouraging a creative team approach to solving problems that are not necessarily at the center of current organizational objectives. Collaborative teams are as much an art and science. HR professionals can help organizations with change and innovation by using teams.

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