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free teambuilding games :Move the Marble, as fast as you can with Teamwork.

Supplies: You will need quarter-round simulated wood trim sticks (enough for each person on team) that you would use to cover wall corners. You will also need a marble and a stopwatch.

Distribute the trim sticks to each person or your may past out to pairs. Ask everyone to form a circle. Explain to the team the object of this game is to move the marble form point A to point B, and then return the marble back to point A. You will need to keep track of the time. Challenge each team try the exercise several times and to try and improve their score each time. This exercise promotes process improvement.

free teambuilding games: Trust Walk

This demonstrates teamwork, support, leadership AND COOPERATION. This activity also builds mutual support and trust. You will need bandanas for blindfolds.

Break each team into groups of four. Ask for a volunteer from each group to be blindfolded. One person in each group is the designated leader. The other two people assist the leader to make sure the blindfolded person is safe and does not walk into anything. The leader then gives instructions to the blindfolded person, guiding them from point A to point B. Each walk should take from 3-5 minutes. After the first walk, the team needs to switch roles so that everyone in the group has a chance to be the leader and also to be blindfolded. Different routes should be used each time

free teambuilding games: Team Charades

Divide teams into sub groups. Tell them they will be acting out a name, title, from each of the five categories. The five categories are famous person/people, movie, city, book, and television show. Give each sub-group time, about ten minutes to practice each of their five charades. Each group will then act out their charades. The remainder of the team, working together, tries to guess each charade.

After all the charades are completed the entire team should decide which group did the best job. The team should debrief why the group did so well with their charades. This game builds cohesiveness in a work team

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free teambuilding games: The Toxic Dinosaur Egg

Supplies: 1 bowling ball, one 3 to 6 foot rope per person, and a milk crate

Explain to the team that the object of this exercise is to movie the toxic dinosaur egg (bowling ball) back to its nest (milk crate), so that the egg’s mother will not get upset. The egg is toxic so team members cannot touch the egg. The ropes have been treated with radiation so they can touch the egg. Team members can only use one hand on the rope, to move the ball back to the nest. The team needs to get the egg back as soon as possible before the Mother dinosaur gets mad

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free teambuilding games: Fear in a Hat

Description of a team Understanding Exercise Equipment: Paper and pen/pencil per participant; Hat, tin or bag.

Time: ~5 minutes + 1-2 minutes per participant, e.g., 15-20 minutes for a group of 10.

Brief description: People write personal fears anonymously on pieces of paper which are collected. Then each person reads someone else's fear to group and explains how the person might feel. Set an appropriate tone, e.g., settled, attentive, caring and serious.

  • The tone could be set by introducing the topic of fear and explaining how it is normal and natural at this stage of program that people are experiencing all sorts of anxieties, worries and fears about what might happen. A good way of starting to deal with these fears is have them openly acknowledged - lay them on the table, without being subject to ridicule. Having one's fears expressed and heard almost immediately cuts them in half.
  • Can be done as the first activity in a program, during the initial stages or well into the program. When used early on in particular, it can help to foster group support and be helpful for alerting the group to issues they may want to respect.
  • Ask everyone, including the group leaders, to complete this sentence on a piece of paper (anonymously):"In this trip/group/program, I am [most] afraid that..." or "In this trip/group/program, the worst thing that could happen to me would be..."
  • Collect the pieces of paper, mix them around, then invite each person to a piece of paper and read about someone's fear.
  • One by one, each group member reads out the fear of another group member and elaborates and what he/she feels that person is most afraid of in this group/situation. No one is to comment on what the person says, just listen and move on to the next person.
  • If the reader doesn't elaborate much on the fear, then ask them one or two questions. Avoid implying or showing your opinion as to the fear being expressed, unless the person is disrespecting or completely misunderstanding someone's fear. If the person doesn't elaborate after one or two questions, leave it and move on.
  • When all the fears have been read out and elaborated on, then discuss what people felt and noticed.
  • Can lead into other activities, such as developing a Full Group Contract, personal or team goal settings, course briefings which specifically tackle some of the issues raised, or into other activities in which participants explore their feelings and fears

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