Free Teambuilding Activities

Free teambuilding activities Affirm, Affirm, Affirm:

While at first thought, this exercise may seem risky and dangerous. It is remarkable manageable and useful it can be. The time will be variable. Have each team member: Identify the single most important contribution that each of their peers makes to the team.

Also identify one area that their peers must either improve upon or eliminate for the good of the team. Affirm, affirm, and affirm, each team member.

Focus on the situations, behaviors, or issues, not on the person. It is important that people give this information in a way that maintains constructive relationships and the self-confidence and self-esteem of others. You need to keep this a positive exercise.

Report their responses, starting with the team leader Debrief the experience, starting with what went well, and then what could it be done differently.

Your goal is to improve the teamwork.


Instant activities for team building

Free teambuilding activities: Build a Spaghetti and Marshmallow tower

This is like the balloon tower, just different resources. Issue spaghetti (raw uncooked) and marshmallows to groups of 4-5, and give them 15-30 minutes to build the highest structure in the room (or a widest bridge or tallest arch, etc - whatever the facilitator decides). A really different fun exercise for team building, motivation and illustrating many management and organizational principles. Exercise duration, amount of materials allocated, group sizes, and whether to appoint team leaders are all flexible aspects of this wonderful game. The review afterwards can focus on a wide range of issues - team-building, motivation, time-management, organization, systems, planning, communication, resources, research and development, etc. If you use this exercise to illustrate a particular aspect of communication - it is helpful for the delegates to discuss and highlight some of the essential points in the pre-exercise brief, which provides a useful framework for the review. These unusual materials can also be used instead of construction kits for the organizational modeling exercise below. Great for all teams! Review with each team how they would have tackled the project the next time.

Free teambuilding activities: The Parlor Game

Supplies: You will need approximately 30 to 40 different items with a towel to cover all of them. This is an individual project.

Ask all the individuals to look at the items you have collected. Give all the members one minute to look at the items you have assembled. Ask them to sit down and write down all the items they can remember. After about 4 minutes, ask for the total items remembered, and place them on the board or flip chart. Recognize the high score. Now ask, the members to form teams of 4 or 5. Then ask them to come up the group total of items. The point of this activity is to develop team synergy. This has more impact than those of individual efforts. Identify the team's numbers and then check the winning teams with their list of items

Free teambuilding activities: Hospital Board of Directors

Supplies: You will need a list of 30 to 40 celebrity names for each team. The more diversity and variety the better the list. This is time for you to be creative. Use names, your audience will recognize.

Explain to each team they are a hospital Board of director for a famous hospital that has a world-class reputation for hear transplants. This year you will only to be able to six hear transplants this year because of limited resources. You give each team a celebrity list. Instruct them these are all potential candidates for the heart transplants, and they need to identify the top six. candidates for the heart transplants. The tasks are for them to rank the candidates in order from #1 to #6 in importance. This exercise helps the team to look at their values and what think is important.

Free Teambuilding activities: Word Maps

This activity is a spin-off of brainstorming. The leader asks for ideas to solve a problem. He tells the teams all answers are good ideas, and no negative comment is allowed for the next 15 minutes. As the leader writes down the ideas, he draws circles and squares around the different ideas. The leader connects the different words and ideas. Explain to the team is okay to piggyback on other ideas and to keep brainstorming new ideas, It is important to remind team to not evaluate any idea until the 15 minute time is up.

Adventures to team synergy

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Teambook by HRDQ

Do you need some more ideas for teambuilding ? Then take a look at the Teambook by HRDQ

TeamBook is a collection of ideas and exercises for use by trainers or program designers who are engaged in the effort of helping work groups to develop into teams. Keeping the conditions, goals, and guidelines of TeamBook in mind will assist users to develop from work groups into more effective teams.The materials are intended as a catalyst for the orderly improvement of group functioning toward the attainment of effective human relations and consistently high levels of task functioning. TeamBook consists of 27 activities to improve group functions and achieve effective human relations. The introduction provides the fundamental principles of team building, team building goals and participant guidelines. The Book Contains 5 Sections:

  • Section 1: Starters (Ice Breakers) Contains 3 exercises such as "Team Starter" for teams whose members each manage the work of others who are external to the team.
  • Section 2: Energizers (Energize Your Group) Consists of 4 exercises such as "Nerftime", a high-involvement activity using Nerf® balls to demonstrate the unnecessary restrictions we often put on ourselves.
  • Section 3: Interpersonal Feedback (Interpersonal Perceptions) Consists of 4 exercises such as "Cards Lineup" which shows how to give and receive precise appreciation's of one another in a dramatic and forceful manner.
  • Section 4: Diagnostics (Group Effectiveness) Consists of 12 exercises such as "Test #2" recognizing common memory through a quick, problem solving exercise.
  • Section 5: Planning (Concrete Action Plans) Consists of 4 exercises such as "Strategic Action Planning", a step-by-step plan to over come barriers to realizing team and organizational goals.

I have used HRDQ for teambuilding tools. Click below to find out more about the Teambook

Teambook by HRDQ

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