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Your first team meeting is critical to your corporate teambuilding. Use icebreakers to break the stress and tension of the team building process. Humor works. Have fun. Icebreakers help the team to develop trust and build relationships. Add these icebreakers to your teambuilding tool kit.

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Corporate Icebreakers: Make a new friend:

Pair each team member with individual who they do not know. Explain to each member that they need to interview their new friend. Sample questions to ask are: what is your name, hometown, educational background, family members, hobbies, favorite vacation, employment/career, favorite childhood memory, major accomplishments, and future goals. After twenty minutes tell the team members they will now introduce their new friend to the other team members. Each pair should stand up during their introductions. The team leader will lead applause after each pair of introductions is made

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Corporate Icebreakers: Truth or Fiction

Each team member is told to write down two truthful facts about themselves. Something unique, a famous person they have met, a fascinating travel report, or a special award they have received. Tell the team members this is time to brag about their accomplishments. Next, tell the team members to make up a false statement about them. Each team member is to introduce him or herself, and read the three statements. The other team members are to pick out which one of the three statements are false. The team leader may need to take a vote to pick out which statement about the person is fiction

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Corporate Icebreakers: What if?

Tell the team members that the current Mega Lotto is at $100 million pay out. Ask them to write down what would they do if the won the Mega Lotto. Give each team member two to three minutes to write down his or her thoughts. Form a circle with the other team members and have each team member share what they would do if they won the Mega Lotto. This icebreaker is fun and helps with self-discourse. 

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Corporate Icebreakers: Who am I?

Pass out 3 X 5 cards. Ask each team member to number the card 1-20 and write his or her name on the backside of the card. Then ask each team member to write down 20 different facts, statements or descriptions about themselves. Instruct the team members to write their name on the backside of the card. The team leader collects the cards and reads off of each card. The team tries to guess which of the team members the card is describing. After the guessing ends, the team member, whose card was read, stands up. 

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Corporate Icebreakers: Innovative Introductions

Ask each team member to introduce him or herself using these three categories:

  1. Use an adjective to describe yourself using your first letter in your name (i.e. Funny Frank, Serious Sally, Humorous Hank,)
  2. Name and describe your personal hero.
  3. Explain what is your current five-year career goal.

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Communication Teambuilding activities

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Energizers Activities

Energizers Activities: 

Your participants have just returned from lunch and their eyes are glazing over. Don't despair — energize them! The icebreakers and energizers in this collection can be used at any point during any type of training session, workshop, or conference. Each activity is accompanied by a brief description, standard procedures, variations, and space for recording your ideas. They're short, quick, sometimes physical, often competitive — and always fun!

Use Energizers To: 

Promote readiness for learning. Participants do not learn well when they have low energy. Sluggishness can lead to a lack of attentiveness, and the phenomenon can be contagious with a group. Slouching in chairs, leaning on tables, and other nonverbal behaviors can be subliminally observed and copied by other group members. Energizers gets participants ready to engage your material.

Create excitement. You're excited about the content of your training event or conference. That does not mean that your participants are equally stimulated. Learning is exciting to children, but adults sometimes seem not to want the experience. Energizers can generate a positive expectation of upcoming training and conference events.

Overcome the effects of fatigue, drowsiness, and drag. Long days, hot rooms, difficult material - all these can put participants in a kind of mild stupor. Energizers can "wake them up" to go on with the program refreshed.

Develop a sense of shared fun. You can facilitate even the most serious deliberations with comic relief, as long as you keep a proper perspective on the proceedings. An occasional group laugh can make any session more lively. 

Sample activities include: 

Big Apple - creating the sounds of New York City. Putt Off - a golf-putting competition. Charades - acting out happenings, events, and processes. Imaginary Ball Game - inventing and playing a game without talking. Limericks - composing and sharing silly rhymes. These activities are not "throw-ins," randomly inserted into the proceedings. They are purposeful, and they need to be used strategically. There are three times when using energizers can greatly enhance the impact of training and conferences: just after a meal, after a refreshment break, and when a long session begins to drag. These are the most common times when participants are likely to be "de-energized," or less than optimally ready to go on with the program. You may actually reduce the impact of your session by overusing these activities. 

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