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Find the ten keys to building an Effective Team.

Leadership Management Dictionary :

Provides free management and leadership advice for leaders and aspiring leaders. Helps leaders build high performance teams. Resources include a leadership management dictionary( Anyone can update): My friend Samson can help you, click here, Leadership Management Dictionary

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Carol Bartz's Challenge is to Build a Team at Yahoo,

The new CEO Carol Bartz has alot to do fast at Yahoo. She needs to build a team and improve morale. With the weak economy and slow online advertising, the new CEO has her hands full. Read what Wharton says about Carol Bartz.

More on Leadership from Wharton

Leadership Skils

Use creative leadership in your teambuilding exercises. Leadership is Influence. Teams need strong leadership to build teamwork.

Read the Book; Aim for the Heart

Collaboration BUILDS teamwork.

Leaders need these skills:

Coaching skills

Communication skills

Comprising skills

Watch this free video: Coaching Employees: The 8 steps for coaching Free Coaching video

Coaching trends


Keys to Leadership

There are professional and personal leaders that have been an important part of many lives and you may now find yourself as a leader as teacher, soldier, CEO, spouse or parent. True leaders have vision, values, determination and the courage to make tough decisions. Enjoy the 3 minute movie, The Essence of Leadership, to understand the keys to successful leadership presented in an unforgettable way. Inspire your team, family and friends toward leadership qualities today!

Watch this free movie now: The Essence of Leadersship

Team-building Evaluation Worksheet

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Multictural teambuilding, Diversity is important.

As technology changes and globalization continues to expand, teams need to be aware of diversity. Teams need to learn to work with different cultures. The world has become smaller. Diversity makes organization stronger

360 degrees evaluation for teambuilding.

This performance evaluation process gets feedback from several raters (supervisor, employees, peers, customers, vendors). Raters need to be trained to ensure a fair process

Sandbox Wisdom

Be a change agent: organizational development.

Organizational development is all about change. Changing organization and individuals to be more productive. Team building creates positive change in organizations Use teambuilding for organizational development

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Leadership is influence

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Corporate leader training programs

NEW! What's My Leadership Style? Online

Now it's easier than ever to help leaders excel.

What's My Leadership Style Online is the new e-version of the assessment that has helped thousands improve their performance.

Enhancements offered by the Online Version include:

-How leaders can flex their style to communicate better

-Personalized, full-color report -A breakdown of the frequency of styles by gender -Data that compares scores to the average for each style -Simplified distribution -Better control of administrative process -Ability to generate customized reports

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Framed Inspirations: The three keys to manage your attitude
In a perfect world we hear something once, record it in our brain, and never need to hear it again. Well, I don't know where you live, but my world is far from perfect. I have doubts, fears, and disappointments in my life, and occasionally need little "shots of inspiration" to inspire, to encourage, and to motivate. I'm sure you heard the three keys to buying real estate...location, location, location. Today, I'd like to share the three keys to managing your attitude...reinforce, reinforce, reinforce.
Here's what Zig Ziglar had to say:
"When I speak, people often say, 'Zig, I like what you had to say, but for me motivation doesn't always last.' And I tell them, 'Bathing doesn't either. That's why I recommend it daily.'" That's what I love about our beautiful line of 70 Framed Inspirations. The right words, with the right photograph, will bring an idea to life! It reminds us what's most important; it reinforces our personal goals and core values.
Today, I'm pleased to say that all our 70 Framed Inspirations can be found at Simple Truths.
Beautiful photographs and inspirational words set in a high quality 5"x7" wood frame with black lacquer finish and attractive felt back. Packaged in a convenient black gift box with gold cord.

Develop your team's empowerment skills

The Power-of-Discipline

Facilitation Skills

Improve your leadership skills

Team leadership

Servant Leadership

Mentoring in the Moment

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What's the Big Idea?

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