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I have attended teambuilding conferences with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), American Society of Traing & Development (ASTD), American Hospital Association, National Restaurant Association, and the Marriott Corporation. Teambuilding Conferences can motivate and encourage your team. Here are some ideas for you to plan your own conferences. Planning is a circuital step to you own conference. Start early

Team Building activities during conferences and events are essential to increasing morale and to allow colleagues and members to get to know one another. They can be either physical or intellectual activities, but most importantly they must be fun. Here are some ideas for team building activities at corporate conferences and events;

1. The Amazing Race - Similar to the reality TV series, groups will navigate through a course and will be provided with clues along the way. The objective is for each team to attempt to be first through the pit stops.

2. Blind Obstacles course - Trust and commitment are the objectives of this activity as teams will have to navigate through an obstacle course blindfolded. This challenge also assists in working on communication skills.

3. Trivia Nights - Your team has to score as many points as possible by recalling facts from History, Geography, General Knowledge, Music and Entertainment and many more.

4. Treasure Hunt - Teams are given a series of clues to decipher that lead them to various locations. Find out which of your team mates are the most competitive and who's susceptible to bribery and corruption. Once at that location they have a series of questions to answer, things they may have to find, and some creative challenges which are sure to have the teams in hysterics.

5. Corporate Olympics - Get into the spirit of the Olympics. This activity can be themed to highlight leadership, strategy and teamwork. With games like corporate relays, indoor beach volleyball, soccer, European handball, hockey, archery, the emphasis is on fun.

6. Corporate Rowing, Sailing or Kayaking adventure - This activity requires team coordination and communication. Row your way to success by gaining confidence and working together to reach your destination.

7. Corporate Name Bingo - The Bingo card is blank. Members get the other members to sign their squares. Everyone must fill their cards with names. The first person to fill all of the squares with the necessary information is declared the winner. This is an easy way to allow the group members to introduce themselves to each other individually and to the group.

8. Indoor rock climbing - Work in pairs to scale a wall. One person will attempt to climb walls of differing difficulty, while the other will support them below by holding the rope. Teamwork is essential in meeting this challenge.

9. Survivor - The objective of this activity is to heighten the team experience by competing in a series of physical and mental challenges. Inspired by the reality TV series, this is traditionally an outdoor activity suitable for conferences.

10. Adventure Activities - Not for the faint hearted, choose from between fire walking, abseiling, whitewater rafting and many more. This will test and push people through personal barriers to recognize their potential.

11. Murder Mystery Activity - A murder mystery will challenge all to think strategically and make the connection between the facts to solve the crime. Both entertaining and mentally stimulating this activity will expose group dynamics and is a group team building activity.

12. Personality and Psychological profiling tools - Myers Briggs and other profiling tools can be used to highlight existing skills and behavioural types and can identify gaps and growth areas in teams and individuals.

13. Golf Day - Group golf for teambuilding and exercise. Have at least two teams. Each person tees off. Next shots are played from the team's best shot.

14. Celebrity Head - The leader pins the name of a famous celebrity on the back of each person. Each person must then solicit information from the other members of the group in order to name the celebrity.

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