10 Rules for Building Great Teams

Pulling Together w/Free Dvd What sets a successful organization apart from its competitors? You can bet having a successful team is at the foundation of the answer.

Are you putting your team first?

Do your team members really understand your overall vision?

Do team members know what is expected of them?

How can each team member contribute most effectively?

What constants hold the team together?  

John J. Murphy's book, Pulling Together w/Free Dvd ...The Ten Rules for High Performance Teamwork, will help you answer these questions...and more...in an easy-to-read format that will give you the tools you need for success.

John is a highly recognized author of seven books, speaker and management consultant who has helped some of the world's leading organizations create environments that value and reward teamwork.

Today, I'd like to share an excerpt from John's Rule #1...Put the Team First. Enjoy! Pulling Together w/Free Dvd

  • Learn the ten principles for high performance teams that are critical for the success of your business, school or organization.
  • Create an environment that values and rewards teamwork.
  • Have each member of your team read this book and then discuss how each rule applies to your own organization. - Your chances of "Pulling Together w/Free Dvd " will be greatly improved!

It's easy for any organization to say...."we value teamwork." However, saying it, versus committing to the principles to grow it, can be 2 different things. And that's what Pulling Together is all about! Author John Murphy presents the ten rules for high performance teams in an engaging way that every person in your organization can understand. John is a highly recognized author (7 books), speaker and management consultant who has helped some of the world's leading organizations create environments that value and reward teamwork. He's also appeared on over 400 radio and television stations and his work has been featured in 50 newspapers nationwide.

Here's how you and your organization can use Pulling Together w/Free Dvd:

  • Clarify expectations and foster accountability
  • Build more focus, unity, trust and credibility with your team
  • Align people and systems, reducing friction and accelerating work flow
  • Mobilize commitment and generate enthusiasm
  • Create more balance and harmony within your team
  • Pull together and experience the extraordinary power of teamwork

Mac Anderson said this about John Murphy and Pulling Together:

"John Murphy has written a classic on the #1 key to any organization's success....Pulling Together. Every person in your company should read it."

Pulling Together w/Free Dvd

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>> 10 Rules for Building Great Teams

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