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Reproducible Program Library: What Customers Really Want

What Customers Really Want

What is extraordinary customer service? We have all experienced it and, most likely remembered it. In this course participants will explore the concepts and benefits of superb customer service. Individuals will learn ways of building positive rapport with various types of customers and then apply those skills in activities and exercises throughout the course. They will dive deeper into workplace communication by examining the do?s and don?ts of technology, and how to use these advances to further their customer alliances. Further groups will practice learned skills in dealing with difficult situations and making every interaction a positive experience.

The HRDQ Reproducible Program Library comes in half-day to multi-day formats. Select the individual titles you need, choose from pre-selected topic series, or purchase the entire collection to own the ultimate training library. Each program comes ready to train with printable Participant Guides, an easy-to-use Facilitator Guide, and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Most programs include additional content such as quick reference cards. That's not all - they're fully customizable, so you can add your company brand, tailor the content to your specific industry or organizational needs, and print on demand.

We also provide you with simple instructions for downloading your programs. Each program is provided in a zipped file which includes Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files for all components. There is no waiting for delivery or CD's to damage or lose.
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PowerLearning: Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the foundation for successful business, but keeping customers satisfied, feeling appreciated, and willing to make a referral or return sale requires expertise. With the Cultivating Customer Loyalty Knowledge Course, a PowerPoint-based, self-paced learning program, discover how the elements of service excellence can help you to set standards for yourself and your company. Learn techniques to turn negatives into positives and deal with difficult customer demands with skill.

The Cultivating Customer Loyalty Case Study allows you to test what you have learned in the knowledge course in a virtual business situation. You will analyze the scenario, determine the customer loyalty skill strengths and weaknesses displayed by the individuals, and determine strategies for the most effective customer loyalty solution.
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SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills

Communication is the foundation of all human interaction ? and the basis of all training programs. From team building and leadership to customer service and supervisory training, communication is a fundamental skill that should be integrated into all types of training.

Whether communication is being addressed directly or indirectly in your training program, lay the groundwork for skill development with SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities. This collection of activities addresses all 3 learning domains (cognitive, affective, and behavioral) and involves participants directly in the learning process through its interactive approach.

Uses for SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities
The exercises are basic enough to include in any training program that incorporates communication skills, including those for customer service, sales training, and supervisory skills. A handy applications matrix matches the activities with 8 important communication topics. Many activities have more than one application:

Communication Awareness, Delivering Your Message,Nonverbal Communication, Communication Conflicts, Active Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Written Communication, Presentation Skills, and Product Contents.

Facilitator guidelines: Applications Matrix to pinpoint the best activities for training needs. Reproducible participant materials Activities include:

Communication Awareness: Get to Know Your Apple, Packaging is Important,Picture This. Walk the Talk, Role Models, Rotating Trio Exchange.
Delivering Your Message: Assessing Your Speech Habits, It?s How you Say It, Avoiding Killer Phrases, What Do You Mean?, Paper-Tearing Exercise, Jumbled Messages, Drawing Conclusions.
Nonverbal Communication: At Arm?s Length, Reading People, Mixed Messages, Body Language, and Active Observation.
Communication Conflicts: Dealing with Conflicts, Distinguishing Behaviors, Preventing Conflict, Dealing with Difficult People, Applying Assertive Behavior, and Expressing Different Viewpoints.
Active Listening: How Well Do You Listen?, What Do You Know about Active Listening?, Rotating Trio Role Play, Listening for Key Points, Listening Types Card Match, Poor Listener on Trial, and The Art of Asking Questions.
Giving and Receiving Feedback: The Power of Feedback, Applying the Feedback Model, Describing Behavior, Using ?I? Statements, Feedback Criteria,and Receiving Negative Feedback.
Written Communication: Creating Sentence Variety, Eliminating Hackneyed Expressions, Writing Effective Memos, Writing Directions, Writing Customer-Focused Letters, and Writing a Request Proposal.
Presentation Skills: Assessing Your Presentation Style, Overcoming Stage Fright, Assessing Your Audience, Getting Your Audience's Attention, Dealing with Semantics, Dealing with Difficult Audience Members, and Thinking on Your Feet.

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Customer Service Sampler Set
Customer Service Sampler Set

TIGERS Team Wheel Game

TIGERS Team Wheel Game

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