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New York City

New York, New York:

Yankees, Central Park, Times Square, Broadway show, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State building, take your team to NYC for your next event !
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Holiday Gift Guide:

Mother's Day Special Gifts USA

The Complete Holiday Game Collection

Holiday ideas

Holiday events for Christmas:

Your team can plan and hold a Christmas party.

You can arrange for Secret Santa amongst your team. You place all the team members names in a hat, and ask individuals to pull one name out. They are to become the “ Secret Santa” for this person the pulled from the hat during the Christmas season. A dollar limit should be reached, and ending date. Secret Santa’s can leave little gifts, snacks, or home cookies/candies. When ended the Secret Santa’s can meet a carry-in breakfast before Christmas.

One of the best ideas for Christmas is to adopt a family that has needs, and seek donations for food, clothes, and gifts for the family. The family can be within the organization or need family in your community.

Christmas party

Holiday Classics

Take a lesson from American history. We’ve been a country of trials, risk-taking, and innovation – and found great success! Not only American holidays but numerous notable American events can inspire your team to develop those Win-Win attitudes. Find an American holiday or notable event at, identify a theme, and create activities to identify those skills and attitudes that lead to success.

New Years events

Plan a party for New Years Eve. Take your team of road trip to Chicago, New York or Las Vegas. Head out the Rose Parade in California, or volunteer to help make one of the floats for the parade
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Conduct an Easter egg hunt for the family’s children. Or you could conduct a community Easter egg hunt at the local school or park.

St Llorenc de la Muga, Spain

Take your team or family on a guided walking holiday in Spain. We are a small family run company offering guided walks from our villa in St Llorenc de la Muga. We offer flexible, tailor made holidays for all ages and abilities. We offer a choice of walks ranging from short 1 hour rambles to more strenuous all day hikes, day trips around the local area are also available. To find out more please visit our website La Muga Holidays

Denmark Getaway

Come to Denmark and experience a wonderful Holiday. What to do and see in Denmark, Copenhagen and on beautiful Bornholm, the pearl in the Baltic Sea.
For more information about Denmark. Where you will find all you need to know.

Discover France !

Limousin would be a great place to bring groups. This B & B is a 4 bed guest house and will shortly complete our 3 bed 3 star holiday home. The area is renown for its fishing, swimming, riding, walking and water sports opportunities and there are several interesting towns and villages, and restaurants to visit.

My friend , Barbara can help you and your team out. Click here now: Les Trois Chênes is situated on the edge of the hamlet of Videix, surrounded by the unspoilt countryside of Limousin; ideal for painting and sketching.

Memorial Day, it is time for “grill in and Chill -in.”

Make plans to hold a BBQ.

Memorial Day Game

Memorial Day Games

This website will take you to famous destinations in Croatia and will introduce to you the less known destinations on the coast and inland. Take your team to Crotia, my friend, Ivan can help you out with planning your trip. Click on the link below now, Exploring Croatia

Plan a Chili Cook-off for your team.

Memorial Day

July 4th:

It is time for your team to become creative and make a float for the your local July 4th parade. Have a cook-out afterwards, and then attend the local fireworks at night


Have a costume dress up day with special awards for the most unique costumes. Host a local school with a Halloween party,


Plan a potluck for your whole team. You might ask family members as well. Host a community Thanksgiving dinner for those in need. Donate Turkeys to your local charity


Holiday Classics

Have some fun with Family Teambuilding

Teambuilding for teens

One of the most gorgeous country of the world, Bhutan stands bordered by China in the north and by India in the south, east and west. Though a tiny country, it is one of the last areas still pristine in all its nature-where nature and people live in harmony. Untainted flora, un-hunted fauna, rare botanical plants, the colorful bird-life and the scenic beauty offers a treat for both young and old. Colorful festivals with mask dances depicting its rich cultural past and the great Himalayan ranges in the background definitely deserves a visit.

Apart from sightseeing tours of its splendid monuments, the company offers numerous other options to the tourists to enjoy themselves fully. For instance, one can indulge in trekking, hiking, camping, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing, etc. There are also a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the country, which serve as a treat for nature lovers. One thing is for sure, once you visit the country, you will not be able to get it out of your memory for a long time to come.

Whatever, your choice is, we are confident of delivering the best. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Green Bhutan Tours and Treks

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