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Teambuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together

Teambuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together
You are a member of a space crew who has crash-landed on the planet of Acrab. After being taken captive by aliens, the only way you can escape is to rebuild your transformational girospeckter. But can your team solve the alien’s puzzles quickly enough to repair your spaceship and get away?
Challenge your participants’ imaginations with TeamBuilders: 10 Adventures in Working Together, a new collection of learning events that encourage the exploration of team skills through the use of fantasy scenarios. The TeamBuilders adventures, based on Experiential Learning Methodology, guide participants through five phases of learning:

Experiencing: Formulating ideas and gathering information during the learning experience. Sharing: Articulating the learning experience to other participants. Interpreting: Understanding the skills and behaviors experienced. Generalizing: Developing testable hypotheses from the learning experience. Applying: Bridging the present and future by understanding how generalizations can be used in the workplace TeamBuilders enhances the development of five fundamental team skills:

Decision Making, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Communication, and Leadership.
TeamBuilders also addresses critical secondary skills such as trust, managing diversity, assertiveness, influence, conflict management, negotiating, and more. Activities may be used independently or paired together as part of team training.

Organized in a 3-ring binder, each TeamBuilders simulation contains background information and facilitator instructions, as well as reproducible participant materials including role-specific briefing information , observer instructions, discussion questions, and a team skill handout. TeamBuilders also includes a CD-ROM containing printable files of the reproducible participant materials.
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SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities

SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities

Communication is the foundation of all human interaction — and the basis of all training programs. From team building and leadership to customer service and supervisory training, communication is a fundamental skill that should be integrated into all types of training.

Whether communication is being addressed directly or indirectly in your training program, lay the groundwork for skill development with SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities. This collection of activities addresses all 3 learning domains (cognitive, affective, and behavioral) and involves participants directly in the learning process through its interactive approach.

Uses for SkillBuilders: 50 Communication Skills Activities

The exercises are basic enough to include in any training program that incorporates communication skills, including those for customer service, sales training, and supervisory skills. A handy applications matrix matches the activities with 8 important communication topics. Many activities have more than one application:

Communication Awareness, Delivering Your Message, Nonverbal Communication, Communication Conflicts, Active Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Written Communication, and Presentation Skills.

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SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities

SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities

Spice up your next customer service training program with SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities, a creative, engaging, and innovative collection of skill development activities from Lorraine Ukens.

The activities in this collection stimulate discussion and learning by actively involving all participants. Quick and to the point, these activities deliver powerful messages to your participants — helping them to understand customer expectations and develop the skills necessary to providing quality service.
Uses for SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Skills Activities
A valuable addition to your training library, the exercises are basic enough to include in any training program that incorporates customer service skills. The handy applications matrix matches the activities with 9 important customer service skill areas. Many activities have more than one application:
Change, Communication, Data Usage, Excellence, Negotiation, Perception, Problem Solving, and Teamwork. Go to HRDQ to review this program: Click here to visit HRDQ

Sales Training Activities

Sales Training Activities

Sales training isn't just for sales reps anymore — customer service and other support staff can also benefit from developing selling skills! Support all of your sales training needs with Sales Training Activities, a mix of over 80 ice breakers, role plays, games, and exercises that are the perfect addition to any type of sales training.

Relevant to all types of industry and personnel, Sales Training Activities focuses on universal sales knowledge and skills — skills that are completely transferable across all organizations and situations. In fact, most of the activities use an "open content" approach, meaning that participants use their own examples and experiences as the main subject.

Uses for Sales Training Activities

The open-content style of the activities makes the exercises suitable for most types of organizations and training courses. By mixing at least 3 different formats (working in small groups/pairs, as individuals, and in the group as a whole) to cover the same points, you can greatly increase learning retention and effectiveness.

Sales Training Activities For Sales Managers & Trainers addresses a full range of skill areas including:
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Building rapport, Improving communication, Goal setting, Achievement planning, Improving questioning techniques, Priority setting, Analysis, Developing persuasive and creative skills, Lateral thinking, Teamwork, Quick thinking, Organizing, Negotiating, Identifying customer needs, Self-confidence and positive attitude, Injecting dynamism into presentations, and And more. Go to HRDQ to find more info. Click here to visit HRDQ

Encourage your customer service representatives to answer, learn about, and reflect on the key questions that will help them to deliver exceptional service. Customer Service Activities for Training is a collection of 38 activities, assessments, role plays, and action plans that address 5 critical questions:

Who are our customers? Why are they our customers? What's my role in the service process? What makes customers frustrated - or delighted? What practical steps can I take to improve service? Generic enough to use with any type of industry and successful with all types of customer service personnel, the exercises are automatically and completely relevant because participants use their own examples and experiences.

Customer Service Activities for Training is perfect for:
Customer service training sessions, Service team meetings. Team interventions to help celebrate a success or learn from a mistake. Most of the activities are short, typically under 20 minutes. Neatly organized in a 3-ring binder, each activity includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, checklists, worksheets, reproducible participant handouts, and discussion points.
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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making are two of the most challenging and complex, yet vitally important skills required of individuals and teams in organizations. From well-known authors Dave Francis and Mike Woodcock, 25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Activities provides the tools to enhance these skills, using a variety of self-analysis assessments, survey instruments, structured experiences, and teaching resources.
Theory: Rooted in experiential principles and linked to real-world situations, the activity collection is based upon a systematic, 8-step method of problem solving and decision making known as TOSIDPAR:

Tuning in, Objective setting, Success measures, Information collection, Decision making, Planning, Action, and Reviewing to improve. Uses for 25 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Activities
The activities can be run independently or in a sequence, but are most beneficial as part of a more comprehensive training program.

This activity collection is available as a digital download in Adobe Acrobat PDF or the traditional 3-ring binder version. Both formats are fully reproducible Learn more at HRDQ :25 Problem Solving & Decision Making Activities.Click here to visit HRDQ

For many team leaders, leadership can seem like an intangible, unattainable skill — one that's best left to those at the top of the organization. But in reality, leadership takes place at many different levels, from strategic directors to team and project leaders. And the common denominator is a set of key recognizable skills that any leader can learn, practice, and develop. 22 Training Events for Developing Team Leaders is a series of exercises, simulations, games, and case studies that addresses the skills at the heart of improving the way team leaders guide their teams.

22 Training Events for Developing Team Leaders is flexible and may be adapted to meet your participants' specific training needs. Build the activities into any team leadership program, tie together several events for a mini training session, or use selected activities as stand-alone exercises.
This thought-provoking collection provides skill development in such critical areas as:

· Initiating · Controlling · Evaluating · Delegating · Decision-Making · Communicating · Motivating

Product Contents :

· Activity index · Activity summaries · Time checklist (activities listed by time requirements) · Purpose statements (learning objectives) · Step-by-step facilitator guidelines · Reproducible participant materials · Task sheets (Debriefing questions) · Appendix for each activity (tips on when to use it and how to help ensure its success, as well as possible pitfalls)
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Searching for a fresh collection of team development activities? Look no further! Introducing Team Development Activities for Trainers, a collection of 59 exercises that address the skills most critical to team development, including communication, planning, problem solving, and more.

The activities provide the vehicles for team members to enjoy a common experience; explore, discuss, and resolve issues that have arisen; and then apply what they have learned to their work. Additional features provide trainers with resources to make team development easier and more effective, including a program design framework, checklists for use with activities, and an index of games organized by skill (objective).
Uses for Team Development Activities:
The activities in this collection have been used in many different industries and by those in various job functions, including the military, financial services, higher education, secondary schools, nurses, teachers, IT specialists, pharmaceutical managers and others. Team Development Activities for Trainers addresses a full range of skill areas including: Assertiveness, Communication, Creativity, Decision making, Delegation, Feedback, Influencing, Listening, Planning, Problem Solving, Time Management, and Team Leadership. Find Team Development Activities For Trainers at HRDQ. Click here to visit HRDQ

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