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Amazing Race

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If you're a teacher, you know that some of the most challenging lessons to teach your students are the more abstract ones. Sure, you can teach them geography by pointing to capital cities on a map and you can lay out an algebraic equation for them to work out on the chalk board, you can even give them clever little sayings to help them remember proper grammar and punctuation, but how do you teach cooperation? What about effective communication skills? Team work? Creativity? Teachers are always looking for fresh ideas and learning tools to incorporate into their lesson plans. The biggest challenge teachers face is often figuring out how to present their brilliant lesson to their students as if it is nothing more than an incredibly fun game. That's where Toobeez come in. Toobeez are like giant tinker toys. They are brightly colored plastic building pieces that can be arranged to build a million different structures. Young children and adults find Toobeez intellectually stimulating and even a bit challenging! Toobeez pieces easily snap into each other, making assembly safe and easy. Just connect, twist & create!When teachers introduce Toobeez into their classroom, not much instruction is required. Students see these toys and their imaginations start running wild! Want to work on communication across different members of your group? Put them in a team together and give them an assignment to build something out of Toobeez. It is amazing how they start expressing their ideas and sharing their thoughts. You can almost see the lightbulbs going off above their heads! Toobeez can be used in conjunction with any lesson plan as a way to keep students engaged and interested. One of the best things about this product is that every order comes with a "Big Idea Book." This book was put together by the developers of Toobeez to help teachers and parents maximize the fun and learning that can come out of every Toobeez set! From Language Arts to Mathematics, Special Needs therapy to Physical Education, Toobeez are the perfect tool for any learning environment. Get Toobeez today and jump start the energy in your classroom! Go ahead, connect, twist, teach, and create! To see a list of all the fantastic Toobeez products available, visit now,
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Teambuilding events Your own Amazing race:

Design your own Amazing Race, and break your teams up into to pairs. Use your own creativity skills to develop an obstacle course, treasure and scavenger hunt. Visit a local resort, state park, or campgrounds to get ideas for your amazing racecourse.

Legos teambuilding

Toys, toys, and more toys:

Break your group into small teams of four and five people, and give them Lego supplies or K’Nex toys. You can purchase supplies from the companies with different themes. They also have opened building sets too. Challenge each group to assemble the specific item (robot, bridge, or tower, etc.). Challenge them to use planning, and creativity skills. Give the team a team limit to create a realistic time pressure. Competition amongst the teams is healthy.Offer a fun reward for the best team. People respond to incentives. After the teams assemble their projects debrief the process.

Ask the teams: What did you do right? What went wrong? How could we improve the process next time?

If you have time, you may give the teams a second chance at the task.

Funny Teamwork

Build, Create, and Talk about your TOOBEEZ. Educational toy kits starting at just $34.99.

Lego Teambuilding

show business

No business like show business

Take your team to a drama- theater production, musical, concert, or comedy show. Plan your own Show: Show Stopper events

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Capture the Flag

Take your team to an outdoor location and divide your group into two different squads, and play Capture the Flag. Each team has a Flag and hides it own their side. The flag still needs to be visible from 10 feet away. Divide the outdoor location into two halves. Each team has a safe side, but once they cross into enemy side, they can be tagged out. The first team that recovers the other teams flags wins. This is very similar to “ War games”. It is best to use a summer camp for this activity. You could combine this exercise along with paintball, ropes courses or an obstacle course.

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“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” Doug Larson

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Team builiding or kids

Fun ideas for team building
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Star Wars Bobblehead Computer Sitters
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Fun ideas for team building
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Desktop Table Tennis

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