Teambuilding Workshop

You can design your own workshop. Start with an icebreaker and add a couple games. Then break you group into small problem solving teams. Identify a topic or problem you want the team to solve. Give each team time to brainstorm ideas to correct the problem. Debrief the whole group and review the ideas to correct the problem. The best workshops, I have design were half day or 4 hour workshops. You might invite a guest speaker or use a key leader in your organization to give a motivation talk at the end of the workshop

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The HRDQ Team Adventure Series is a fun and memorable way to demonstrate the concept of team synergy — the phenomenon that occurs when a team achieves greater results than the sum of its parts. Each simulation provides a safe, open environment in which participants can learn and practice key process skills that lead to synergy, including problem solving, communicating effectively, managing and resolving conflict, and consensus decision making. Each Adventure Features: Optional 2-hour workshop; Alternative training designs; Pressure-sensitive scoring forms; PowerPoint® presentation; Expert Rationale; Reproducible Masters; Frequently Asked Questions and more....

Beyond the Valley of the Kings Illustrate the concept of team synergy with Beyond the Valley of the Kings, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on decision making under pressure and the importance of team building.

Black Bear Illustrate the concept of team synergy with Black Bear, a challenging adventure simulation that addresses formulating a strategy under pressure and consensus decision making.

Cave Without A NameTeachs the concept of team synergy with Cave Without a Name, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on consensus decision making, problem solving, and managing group conflict.

Marooned Demonstrates the concept of team synergy with Marooned, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on consensus decision making. Participants experience first-hand the advantage of working as a team when they realize the results achieved as a group out-measure those of any one individual.

OutbackDemonstrates the concept of team synergy with Outback, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on team leadership, communication, consensus decision making, and problem solving.

SwampedTeach the concept of team synergy with Swamped, a challenging adventure simulation that focuses on managing group conflict and consensus decision making. By comparing individual solutions to solutions reached by the group, participants experience first-hand the advantages of working as a team.

Vacation In The Keys Demonstrate the concept of team synergy with Vacation in the Keys, a challenging adventure simulation that puts consensus decision making into practice.

WhiteoutWhiteout is a thrilling new survival simulation that adds excitement and suspense to any team-building session. It's iideal for any group that works in a high-pressure environment, especially those who must make decisions amidst conflict.

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Introduction to Team Building Techniques helps increase motivation, promote unity, strengthen corporate and team culture by using proven team building activities.

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Building the Spirit of Teamwork

Teamwork is the heart and soul of a company, organization, family or relationship. Groups are comprised of individuals; and individual drive, skills and motivation are essential to the success of the group.

But it's the spirit of teamwork that breathes life and creativity into your organization. A key role of every leader is to continually build teamwork within her or his organization. Unfortunately, most managers and supervisors unwittingly sabotage their own team building efforts on a daily basis through a lack of awareness. Our team building workshops are designed to create a new level of teamwork awareness, not only in management, but in every member of your team.

schedule a fun and effective team building workshop for your team. After gathering information about your team through an exchange of emails and a phone call, we will send you a detailed outline of the team building program we recommend. Depending on your style and current situation, your workshop may include: · Team building activities · Interactive training & exercises · Assessments · Role play · Facilitated group discussions ...or all of the above. Our workshops range from a short one-hour program that can be included in an already-sheduled meeting or conference, to a dedicated, multiple-day event. Building the Spirit of Teamwork

Team Building Workshop Professional People Skills: How to Really Work Well With Others Today’s society is grounded in individual achievement. While this mindset has empowered many people to do great things, it ignores a fundamental life skill: how to work well with others. The result? Detrimental effects in the workplace, like duplicated efforts, miscommunication, conflict, and errors. But effective teams promote a diversity of perspectives and ideas, generating creative momentum. They develop creative solutions to complex problems and discover innovative approaches. Teamwork facilitates effective communication and creates synergy, where energy and ideas between people tap the creative resources of the entire group. So the answer is to make employees work in teams, right? Not exactly. Building teamwork is a process that takes time and removes individuals from the traditional hierarchical structures, pulling them out of their comfort zone. Just because you organize workers into teams doesn’t mean they will truly be working together. They can – you just have to show them how. That’s why we offer our team building seminar: Contact the Key Group

Team Building Workshop · Would you like your team to get to know each other better and have a common, memorable experience? · Would you like for them to better understand each other’s styles and tendencies, and better yet, know how to deal with them? · Do you wish they could learn some techniques for communicating better and managing conflict with each other? · Or do you just want to give the team a fun, energizing, team building day, but want them to leave with some tangible take-aways they will actually remember and use? dsamih’s Team Building Workshop will offer your participants: · A fun, energizing and interactive experience as a team · Individual behavioral analysis results and specific tools for dealing effectively with each other’s communication and management styles · Understanding the 5 key requirements of successful teams and the 5 major derailers · Role playing on the nagging issues they face as a team · Development of practical solutions to those challenges dsamih Deliverables: · Facilitation of the session with challenging workbook materials and exercises while ensuring a fun, interactive and energizing day · Individual communication and management style analysis scores · Documented solutions to the team’s most common challenges, developed together as a team · The day’s presentation in either hard or soft copy for the participant’s ongoing reference and reminder · Each participant’s evaluation of their most valuable lessons and MIH (Make It Happen) Actions from the day

Buililding an effective a team| Use art to build your team| Rope Course| Action learning| Icebreakers|

Do you want a great team… the collaboration… the productivity… and the positive work environment?

Do you want to build a great team… but don’t actually know much about it? If so, then you’ve found the right site!

The Key For An Amazing Team
That Will Outperform In Any Environment

Teams are everywhere.

Humans have an innate need to work together.

Its part of our make up, we need to be together and working together for a common goal. It makes us feel significant with a purpose.
Having an excellent team is vitally important to accomplishing the vision as well. It doesn’t matter what we’re a part of (corporations, small businesses, churches, etc…), we can’t accomplish our visions alone.

We need good teams in order to do what’s in our hearts.

That way we get the strengths of different types of people working to a common goal… Which fills out our ability to accomplish the vision.

Building A Good Team Is Imperative To Accomplishing The Goals, Vision, And Mission.
It doesn’t really matter where you go, you’re going to have a team.
Even if you just consider them as “employees”, they’re still part of your team.

And how you view them will affect how well they work together. If you don’t view them very highly, then they won’t buy into the vision, because to them you’re just a boss and nothing more…

Because you see them as employees and nothing more. If you’re team doesn’t buy into your vision and have ownership in it, then you can say goodbye to truly accomplishing much.

It so important to have a functioning team, and this is one of the biggest mistakes people make: How the leader views their team mates.

Once a team feels connected to the vision and valued they will out perform your wildest dreams. The trick is putting a team together well.
A lot of organizations fail because the leader or manager didn’t know how to build a good team – even though they thought they did.

And thus their dreams are left unfulfilled. At the very best they may still be around, but their productivity will be low and they won’t be accomplishing much.

If you want your business to outperform the competition… Or if you have a vision for something new…

You need to know how to build a great team.

But most people don’t, and make some very common and easily avoidable mistakes

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