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Can your team solve an international crime of espionage: Who stole the Anti-Matter? CSI is a perfect combination of fun and challenging team building AND an interactive, engaging exploration into the exciting and ever popular world of forensic science. Teams will gain an improved concept of what great teams do and how they do it guaranteeing a great ROI. "100% Customer Satisfaction! TeamWorx did an amazing job facilitating our CSI teambuilding event... Visit TEAMWORX today: TEAMWORX


Fly fishing, Game hunting, Target shooting plus more:

Team Rover Adventures wants to change the way companies perceive corporate team-building by creating exciting ways to generate the results they want. Our programs include an intellectual component derived from team dynamics and risk taking. The programs include many of the components of leadership development; they challenge, motivate and connect people in an informal, friendly environment. We deliver tangible results with a well-defined program. We offer several styles of programs to fit the needs of your group. Whether you are looking for a traditional team-building program or an informal group event, Team Rover Adventures is able provide your company with a program to suit your needs. Find more info here: TEAMROVER

4 x 4 Teambuilding

City sleuths, movie studios, trial blazers, plus more Team Craft Team Building Programs Overviews for 7 different formats

1. City Sleuths Are you familiar with scavenger or treasure hunts as team building activities? City Sleuths is Team Craft's unusual and fun upgrade that is based on solving a series of riddles. The riddles require team members to locate entertaining, historic, or kitschy elements of a stimulating city district to discover the answer. Each riddle hides the identity of the street you need to go to, the building to look for, and the information needed there. Answer the riddle correctly and the team wins points. A lot of strategy goes into figuring out not only the answer to the riddles, but what order to answer them in, and how to avoid giving easy clues to other teams. Winning teams receive medals or award cups. Everyone is given a cool memento of the experience. (Given the city district size, you can include from about 6 to more than 60 participants for from 2.5 to 4.5 hours) City Sleuths is currently offered in 13 cities: Austin, Baltimore, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston (Galveston), Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton, San Antonio, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. We can develop City Sleuths in other cities as well.

2. InterActive Teams InterActive Teams is a fun and innovative program where teams work with other teams to meet common goals. Organizations are made up of a collection of teams. These groups need to work together as effectively as the individuals within each team. During the program a large group operates in smaller activity teams. They are presented with a series of engaging and fun activities, conducted either outdoors or indoors. Facilitators lead participants in lively discussions between activities. The program gets people to interact and talk about specific ways to improve team performance across boundaries - locations or departments - back at work. Go to the overview page or contact us to obtain a sample schedule and descriptions of the many activities you can include in the program. A program can last from 2 to 8 hours. 100's of participants can be involved at the same time.

3. Team Tournaments: Bridge Builders, Eggs In Space, or Mega Teams Choose one of 3 Different light hearted competitive events that stimulate creativity and teamwork. · Bridge Builders: Teams of from 8 to 15 participants are challenged to build a bridge using only materials we provide, including paper, foil, and wood sticks, among other paraphernalia. After making a plan, each team is split into two sections to build their halves in different locations. Teams also aim for success across six dimensions: build-to-plan, strength, length, aesthetics, efficiency, and symmetry. · Eggs in Space: is a lightly competitive challenge activity in which teams with from 8 to 12 participants design, construct, test, and launch devices to catapult eggs to a large bulls eye target. Teams also develop presentations that tout their inventions using eggisms that really crack people up. The program can be conducted either indoor or outside. It lasts 3 hours. · Mega Teams: two or more large teams - each with several sub-teams - compete to match skills and wits in a series of creative challenges that can be scored to determine winners. We have several unusual and fun activities just for this program including company specific word puzzles we create with your input.

4. Movie Studio Teams make short movies that depict their views on their challenges as a team. The event is a high-energy display of humor and creativity. Team members plan a production, and then assume the many roles needed to design, shoot, and edit the movie. At the end, we hold a film festival where teams show off their productions, and "Oscar" like awards are given for the best results. The movies are then distributed to the participants as a keepsake of the experience. Participants: from 15 to 150; Program length: 8 hours. The time can be organized in several ways to fit your schedule.

5. Raft Craft This innovative team-building program combines two fun challenges. First: design and build a raft using an unusual mix of floatable materials. Then: race the contraption in a competitive sprint with other teams. How successful teams develop and carry out a winning strategy is a great metaphor for success strategies in the workplace. Have fun with plenty of room for creativity, whimsical good humor, and high spirited racing. It's also a great way to beat the heat on a hot day. Participants: from 15 to 150; Program length: 2.5 to 3 hours.

6. Trail Blazers Trail Blazers is a fun and challenging outdoor activity that takes place in a large park. Multiple teams set out with maps and compasses to find a series of markers hidden in the woods. As they reach their series of markers they obtain coded messages and riddles that, in combination with input from the other teams, is used to construct a puzzle that contains a message relevant to the group. Participants gain insight on effective team process, inter-team collaboration, and achieving a whole company win. The experience is a real adventure; it's stimulating and unpredictable in fun ways. Participants can number from 30 to 300. A program lasts from 5 to 8 hours.

7. ROPES Challenge Course Programs Our ROPES Challenge Course programs are conducted in secluded outdoor program areas that include a wide range of low and high activities. Programs can range in length from 3 hours to 3 days. Common themes include improving communication, developing trust, sharing risk, valuing personal style differences, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and shared leadership and followers. Almost any size group can be accommodated. Discover more about


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