Lego teambuilding

legos teambuilding

Management Consultancy International can use Lego to teach your team about cultural change, equal opportunity, diversity, problem solving, strategic planning and teambuilding.

Management Consultancy international can use Serous Lego to teach your team about cultural change, equal opportunity, diversity, problem solving, strategic planning and teambuilding. It's new in Australia and one of the most powerful methodologies available for introducing change, planning strategically, increasing innovation and building a strong team.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ensures that your business has a visible and highly effective tool to engage all team members and managers as they buy into new and existing concepts and strategies. Take your business forward through the development of a range of applications and workshops that suit the needs of your organization.

Lego Serious Play

Team Building for kids

Have your teams build the tallest Lego tower:Break up your teams into group of 5 people. See which team can build the tallest tower.

Create team of five people. Each team needs to identify a CEO leader and an accountant to keep track of teams cost. The three other team members a re production workers. The labor cost is $200 minute. Each Lego piece costs $100. The lowest cost and highest tower wins. The time limit to build the tower is 45 minutes. Have fun and debrief each team on thier team building process. What worked? What went bad? The key to this project is to build a strong base first. LEGO® Large Brick Box With a transparent lid and a great selection of LEGO® pieces, this big storage box lets builders create at home or on the go. The colorful and classic collection of bricks also includes a LEGO minifigure, base plate, wheels and special house elements! Includes Idea Book of building instructions and inspirations Includes a 16 stud x 16 stud green baseplate Also includes

Find Lego Ferrari Car, Fire station, or Mars mission MX-71 drop ship. Go to Shopzilla. Teams can build these models and more. Give each team a vehicle Lego package or another package below. See which team can build the vehicle the fastest. Keep score and give the winning team a prize, candy bar, pizza , or award. Have fun with teambuilding idea. 

Free Teambuilding Activities, Books, and Videos!

Contact for adult teambuilding examples. Loyal team members go the extra mile for the team when they are motivated by their feelings of membership and belonging. Membership arises out of sharing fun or fear. Teamgel uses LEGO® to create a fun environment filled with humour and laughter.

Such a climate supports team membership. Team members:

  • have a sense of belonging
  • are tolerant of each other
  • are co-operative
  • support each other
  • tend to see opportunities rather than problems
  • have energy
  • are confident
  • have self-esteem
  • are open and honest with each other

The LEGO® is the means to having Fun

  • most adults say they don’t still play with LEGO ® so the experience is novel and exciting
  • LEGO® is easy to build. The skills of experienced LEGO ® builders are quickly equalled by first timers. Success is achieved and feelings of pride arise.
  • LEGO® is small. You can play anywhere, everywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors.
  • LEGO® is simple. Everyone can play. Everyone is equal.
  • LEGO® doesn't scare anyone or challenge anyone physically.
  • LEGO® is quick to build. You don’t have to be away from the beloved workplace for long. If you wish, you can include the fun in the agenda of a longer meeting.
  • LEGO® encourages you to use your imagination. Adults become childlike and, once again, think out of the box and creatively.
  • Playing games is fun. Fun is memorable. Memories are shared and relived, reinforcing them.

Reasons Clients have held Teamgel team fun workshops: • Enjoy each other's company away from the workplace

  • Reward team members for a job well done
  • Further strengthen the cohesion between team members
  • Motivate team members
  • Increase communication and co-operation between team members
  • Add fun to an otherwise serious gathering

Lego teambuilding for Adults
Have your teams build the longest Lego bridge:Break up your group into teams of four or five people. See which team can build the longest bridge. Limit this exercise to 45 minutes. Have a judge to to pick out a winner.

Facilitation Skills

LEGO® DUPLO® Large Brick Box This sturdy and reusable storage container with transparent lid includes an inspirational building booklet, lots of child-safe basic LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, and plenty of special elements for creating rolling cars, planes, houses and much more. With LEGO DUPLO, the possibilities are endless! A great way for beginning builders to learn while they play! Build houses, planes, cars and more! Storage container makes clean-up time simple! 

LEGO® Brick Box This sturdy storage box with lid includes everything an imaginative builder needs to get started making lots of fun and fantastic creations. With a great selection of colorful and classic LEGO® bricks, plus a booklet full of building instructions and inspirations, it's the perfect way to expand a LEGO collection, or begin a brand-new one! Includes Idea Book with building instructions and inspirations.

Cars Building Set This set gives you all the bricks you need to build a gas station and some of the coolest cars around! Includes easy-to-follow instructions and extra building ideas for unlimited creative fun. Includes 1 minifigure Build a gas station, 2 vehicles and more! Fill up your car’s gas tank with the hose and hit the road!

Teambuilding brings great results. Use TOOBEEZ to connect your group! Trainers, teachers, coaches love this tool.

Some great books for your team building ideas:

New Product and Process Innovation (NPPI): Professionally Designed and Produced Quality Toys: LEGO Models Custom Designed by Children and Adults for Fun, Testing & Prototyping Professor Paul G. Ranky; PhD; NJIT; USA; with a technical discussion by Michael McNally; LEGO Group; LEGO Systems; Inc. Enfield; CT; USA. Interviews and Edited by Professor Paul G. Ranky; PhD; NJIT; USA (Actor), Professor Paul G. Ranky; PhD; NJIT; USA (Director) | Format: DVD

Find out which team can build this the fastest:

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