Rock Climbing Teambuilding

Rock climbing builds teamwork, confidence and inspiration with a fun teambuilding exercise. Challenge your team to a rock climbing experience.

Fusion Team Building Workshop;

The consistent growth of any organization is determined by the ability of teams to effectively and efficiently executes a strategic plan. In today's corporate structure, how do you develop motivated and productive teams all working together for the good of the organization? Imagine an enterprise consisting of highly motivated and energetic sales people, customer service reps, engineers, managers, supervisors and production workers. These individuals will determine the future of your company. Are you eager to grow? Do you want your business to meet the growing demands of your customers? Can your employees be more motivated and truly seek the best for the organization? If so, a Fusion Team Building Workshop at the CT Rock Gym may be exactly what you need! Our seminars focus on areas of employee growth that have a direct effect on your company's ability to reach or exceed strategic business objectives.

Some of the topics we address include:

- Building key teams

- Understanding the corporate vision

- Communication and listening skills

- Conflict resolution-Building trust

- Stress relief

- Increasing self-esteem

- Building Confidence

- Increasing Motivation

- Understanding different personalities

- Increasing Morale

- The value and role of each team member

- Achieving goals

- Time management

The Connecticut Rock Gym Release Your Inner Climber

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At Exposure we offer a unique opportunity to utilize all the benefits of team building in an indoor setting. This allows our groups to concentrate on the task at hand and less on the elements around them. With our three conference rooms, climate controlled facility and a knowledgeable staff; we can design a custom program for your group. From low element group initiative games to team climbing and trust activities, you will find that our programs are unsurpassed at producing results that will benefit your group for years to come. We look forward to hosting your next team building workshop or corporate outing. Please contact us so we can start developing a program for your group today. Facilitation Experience With Diverse Groups Corporate Groups

Rock Ventures:

Often groups just want to laugh, get to know one another and play with Recreational Teambuilding here. Other groups want to improve communication, trust, cooperation, and awareness of individual strengths and styles for increased productivity. We call this Educational Teambuilding. We can use the DiSC Personal Insights Profile and OutComm ™ Visual Mapping Facilitation skills to assist you in the development of Vision Statements, Mission Statements, Points of Culture, Strategic Planning and much more. AND/OR we can ask your team to anonymously to identify team goals and next, tell us the barriers, or what's holding you back from achieving them. Participants ARE NOT EXPECTED TO CLIMB; other roles include coaching, cheering, rope holding, back-up rope holding, and problem solving. Playful floor activities with professional debriefing and tie-ins to team goals and barriers are facilitated. Blindfolded or tethered climbing brings people together who usually do not interact much. A final activity has the team considering strategies for removing those barriers that may prevent goal achievement. Personal accountability is the final focus. So, how do you decide which option to choose? Honestly answer these questions (we will keep all information confidential):

  1. What are your team goals?
  2. What are the barriers or potential barriers to achieving these goals?
  3. Numbers of people?
  4. Date, day and time for teambuilding (educational seminars should be minimum of 4-5 hours; not including break times)
  5. If we could guarantee improved communication, cooperation, trust, appreciation of one another's different styles and communication preferences would this be more valuable than a play day here?
  6. Would it be useful if we came to you? Last summer we assisted the University of Virginia with a kick-off event, in the Shenandoah Mountains, to begin a $500 million development campaign and recently, we facilitated a two-day session at Black Creek Park with Strong Hospital's Cardiovascular ICU team.
  7. Can you guarantee your group attending on time, staying the entire time, turning cell phones off, 100% participation even if some choose not to climb?

This information helps us to customize a Team Creation Seminar or to simply schedule a recreational option like Introduction to Climbing and/or a Ropes Course with Rappelling adventure session Rock Ventures

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