Paintball Teambuilding

Your team will have fun playing paintball. Take your team out to local paintball course and have blast. Your team will bond and become a close-knit group.

Paintball has proven to be an extremely popular activity for corporate events, as well as other types of group days out, because paintball is excellent for team building. Paintball is designed to engage a team in an activity, which demands various skills and techniques.

Paintball game is a technique to enhance communication between co-workers. The benefits also include improved morality and management skills, ability to tackle problems, and better understanding of work environment. Other advantages are the developments in communication, concentration, decision-making, group problem solving, and minimizing stress. Capture the flag is probably one of the most well known paintball scenarios. Both teams have a flag in their base camps. It is your job to paintball your way into the enemy base camp, take their flag and return to your base camp to score points. In working together to combat the opponent, a paintball team develops communication skills, planning, co- operation, decision-making and effective use of resources. In this way, the consolidation of a team throughout a paintball game proves to be one of the best team-building activities. This new approach to facilitation and experiential education combines the thrilling experience of a paintball game with the sequenced facilitation of an educational adventure. The game Paintball has proven its ability to support in:

  • Management Training
  • Team Building
  • Engendering Team Spirit & Initiative
  • Assessing Leadership Qualities
  • Improving Staff communication
  • Client/Staff Entertainment or Outing
  • Inter Company/Department/Branch Challenges

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USA Flag

USA Paintball Teambuilding Seminar

In one of the most unique training modalities available, you will practice teambuilding like you have never done before in your life. You will see and experience for yourself first-hand the power of learning by direct experience.

The Facts:

Instead of lengthy classroom instructions on subjects which you may have heard numerous times before, you will learn by doing. Time and learning will be compressed and your retention will increase dramatically as you play paintball games that have been strategically designed to teach you about teamwork, communication under pressure and leadership.

Basic Program

Inter-company/ Interdepartmental Competition, with debriefing. Everyone plays, everyone gets a chance to win and compete. A great day of fun, exercise, and learning about teamwork.

Multiple Team Tournament Style

For the event where only one winner is desired. A true competition.


The ultimate teambuilding experience for corporate employees and managers alike. All members of your team or company compete against our team of highly trained experts who "never miss a shot". The number of Marksman Scouts is always unknown but the odds are always stacked significantly in favor of the corporate team!

Location: ACT performs Paintball team building all over the United States!

Jim Thorpe PA - The corporate headquarters of a World renowned Paintball Organization

Some of the best playing fields in the country. With over 700 acres and 44 fields, this is by far the largest paintball complex in the United States. Located in northern Pennsylvania, these fields offer some of the best paintball experiences in the world. When it comes to a day in a rustic and pristine wilderness environment, nothing can top this experience.

Freedoms Foundation - Valley Forge, PA

This is a 7 acre playing field located within the 105 acres of the Freedoms Foundation, a tribute to all the soldiers who have given their lives in the service of the United States. With magnificent modern meeting accommodations, it is hard to beat this combination for top of the line facilities and Action Centered Training.

ACT Partners with Fields in:

  • Los Angeles 
  • Las Vegas Area 
  • Chicago 
  • Atlanta 
  • Washington DC Area 
  • Dallas 

Your own location

The entire paintball operation is completely portable subject to sufficient available acreage.

Group Size:

  • Standard Average is 25-30 participants - Ideal for SCOUTS or Inter-team play.
  • Large Group Average is 100 participants - Workable with any combination of playing options
  • Minimum of 10 participants for team play.
  • Minimum of 8 participants for SCOUTS.
  • Largest group that ever played at once was 3000 participants at the world record games!

Length: Always customized to your requirements

Paintball shooter

Vermont, USA Paintball Teambuilding

Team Building With Colchester Paintball

Companies who benefit from paintball team building range from local small business to multi national corporations.

Paintball has proved to be a popular activity for corporate events and as a teambuilding exercise. Paintball is designed to engage a team in various tasks which demand skill and technique to work together with leadership qualities.

In working together to defeat the opposition the team develops communication skills, planning, cooperation, decision-making and effective use of resources.

Paintball can:

  • Yield Unrealized Employee Leadership and Planning Skills
  • Enhance group dynamics
  • Breakdown  employer- employee barriers
  • Improve moral
  • Breakdown barriers between coworkers
  • Enhance camaraderie
  • Provide opportunity to experience individual’s outside of workplace
  • Build team spirit
  • Promote teamwork
  • Build respect for individuals
  • Help strengthen critical analysis
  • Develop strategic group thinking
  • Be fun for all!!! Vermont, USA Paintball Teambuilding

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