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Canoeing Orienteering Adventure Team Building Event in the Florida Swamplands

Location - The Canoeing Orienteering Adventure is a team building event which takes place in the swamps north of Key Largo; about 60 minutes south of Miami. Participants will be given objectives to complete, have scarce resources, be limited by time and face a variety of surprise obstacles. And they will still be expected to succeed, you know - just like at work! The team building event starts at 10:00 am at a spot a mile or so away from base camp - a restaurant/bar named Alabama Jack's. This 65-year-old rustic swamp bar is known for its tasty seafood. It is an open-air affair with few walls, a good view of the swamp and docks to tie up canoes once the team has navigated their way to base camp. Miami Canoeing Orienteering Adventure

Miami Team Building

Today, when our everyday workplaces experience more stressful environment, Direct Effect has come forward to offer one of the most flexible and highly efficient onsite team building in Miami. Pretty much everyone has heard the phrase that there is no "I" in team and they were right. There isn't.

Occasionally, this can produce problems when one individual does not take into account team cooperation and instead takes on a team leadership role that is not beneficial to everyone at once. In this instance it can prove useful to find program that is focused on creating and developing a team for your individual company in whatever industry you may be involved with. With our experienced experts from every field, we can offer you solutions mad just for you.

What else can a team do?

Through our team building games and activities, we imbibe it as a crucial factor that all members of a team feel as if they are included in the equation. No one wants to feel like they’re on the outside of the circle. In order to fight this, it can prove useful to get members involved in activities that encourage teamwork and thinking outside of the box. The development of a capable and focused team gives individuals a sense of belonging and reason to want to succeed. Our team building program takes these factors into account and then works on a way to get the team more in tune with one another to get results.

How can they help me?

Sometimes you may feel lost about where to start when it comes to your teams. They could be having problems getting things done or seeing eye-to-eye on certain issues without arguments or hurt feelings. When situations like these occur we can help you by assisting you in choosing right place in Miami, time and budget with other minute details. Direct Effect will look into where everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are to create the best teams possible for each and every task. Let our onsite team building program help you, not just now but in the future as well. Miami Team Building : Direct Effect

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