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Outdoor teambuilding: Golf

Golf can build Teamwork.

Strong teamwork is said to be one of the main factors responsible for the success of an organization. Take your team to the great outdoors. Teams make things happen, and strong teams get good results. Good teamwork comes from encouragement and by inspiring enthusiasm for any task, or indeed for the overall success of a business. For this reason, team building activities have recently become one of the fastest growing industries and there is a whole host of possibilities out there when it comes to choosing activities to help bring your employees together as a winning unit. One of the major rules involved in choosing a team building activity is to gear the pursuit towards developing personal potential. If you select something that will teach skills that stand the delegate in good stead for the future, or will help them learn something leisure-related that they’ve always been interested in but never had the time to pursue, then you will encourage good feeling from your team member through a realization that you respect their life-outside-work and personal development. This will in turn benefit your organization. One game that many people in business have a desire to learn is golf. Golf is played at all levels of the corporate ladder and it is a fact that many executives will categorically state that they could not do business without involving it in their business lives in some way. It is considered a convivial way to network and nurture relationships with customers and contacts, as well as an excellent way to let off steam after a hard day at the office. A golf training activity would therefore make an excellent team building exercise. However, taking a look at the general weather conditions across Europe in recent times, outdoor activities may be somewhat risky. Whilst team building events are highly effective, they can also be big-budget gobblers. Imagine if you spent a considerable amount of money organising a day of golf tuition with a professional coach following by a tournament at a local course, but the event ended up being rained off; you would, no doubt, be infuriated! The best idea therefore is to choose an indoor golf training aid. There are dozens available but you need to make your decision an informed one because not all these indoor systems can be used to hold a competition. The reason? They don’t give instant feedback on the shot that has been taken; neither do they provide a scoring system. Golf is the most popular business-related game. You can use it to build team spirit through competition; you can offer coaching to your employees to prove your social responsibility; and you can get them to improve their game so they can represent your business at important corporate golf events; and all through one team building exercise. Providing you choose a golf training product that can be used safely in an indoor environment; is easy to set up and use and provides a scoring system to allow a competition to take place; then there you have your weatherproof, indoor golf team building exercise that provides a whole host of business benefits in one!

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Outdoor teambuilding: California Nature Treks & Team Adventures is the leading provider of unique outdoor team building adventures for corporate, professional and private groups meeting in Northern California. We offer activites throughout California and around the country.Our programs range from relaxing natural history treks to skills-based outdoor team building adventures. We customize each event to meet your group's fitness levels, specific objectives and time schedules.

We offer safe, fun and exciting events that are an excellent way to boost morale, improve group dynamics or reward and encourage individuals and teams. Nature Treks: Our stimulating hikes led by trained naturalists/guides offer opportunities to enjoy and learn about beautiful natural areas. Some of our most popular treks highlight unique and rare species, such as coast redwoods and elephant seals, both found only in California.

Team Adventures: We provide team building events that teach and employ real hands-on outdoor skills while emphasizing the value of teamwork and effective communication in a safe and beautiful outdoor environment. Adventure Sports: Less structured than our team building events, these activities include outdoor sports, such as kayaking and orienteering, that allow groups to explore the beauty of California's recreational areas. Customized Corporate Outdoor Adventures Nature Treks, Team Building and Team Adventures throughout Northern California and beyond ! California Nature Treks & Team Adventures

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Outdoor teambuilding:Teambuilding Ireland

The Ultimate Team Challenge Day!

"The Final Countdown" was specifically designed to create a competitive event where fast and effective teamwork plays a crucial role in success. It's a classic for breaking the ice between company departments, boosting morale and having fun. It is also the best way to let off steam during or after a conference, leaving you with a day, which will never be forgotten.

Great for your company day out too!

Physical fitness is not essential to win this team challenge. However, teamwork, team trust and a sense of fun and adventure are vital to the success of your team. Competing head to head or racing against the clock, successful teams accumulate points not just for their achievements but also outstanding teamwork!

• Includes outdoor activities & indoor team tasks. • Competitive, physical and mental challenges. • Promotes teamwork and communication skills. • Encourages team commitment and cooperation. • Motivates, inspires, and boosts morale. • Fast-paced and non-stop fun. • Always finishes on a high note! Sample Challenges Blind Man's Cure - Your team comes across an acid swamp. Stuck in the middle is a pair of rare and precious birds, the last of an endangered species. Your team decides to rescue the birds, but the swamp is toxic to humans - they can only enter using the given props... Corporate Maze - Move the team through an invisible maze by discovering and remembering the correct path. Tribal Dance - A primitive tribe has captured the group, and will only release them if they can partake in one of their most ancient dance ceremonies. Crazy Code Breakers – there’s no rescue team coming for you… to get yourself out of this mess your team must outwit your opponents. To unlock the secret, it’s more brains than muscle, but can you do it under pressure…?

Transmitter Relay – communication is complicated at the best of times. It’s vital to your team’s survival that the plan gets through. If they can’t understand the message, nothing is going to go to plan.

The Great Egg Drop – teams have to work together to develop a new and interesting product: an egg drop device. The major catch is that prior to testing each product the team has to give a sales presentation of why we should back the project financially (in theory Teambuilding Ireland

Outdoor Adventure Life Guide An information website on how to improve all aspects of your life such as marriage and other relationships, health, travel, and jobs through various adventure activities!

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