The Right To Lead
Are all your team members working toward the same goal?

What's the secret to creating a vision for your organization?

What sets you apart as a leader?

As a leader, you have an opportunity every day to ignite your team to action through a common vision. To help you in your quest to become a more effective leader, we turned to one of the world's experts on leadership: John Maxwell. Already own this book? Review it here!

John has sold over 13 million books and trained over two million leaders world-wide.

In his book for Simple Truths, The Right To Lead, John has captured the essence of leadership in his book. It's about people who have earned the right to lead others.

Today, I'd like to share John's chapter on Vision:
An excerpt from
The Right To Lead by John C. Maxwell Vision: The Indispensable Quality of Leadership

All effective leaders have a vision of what they must accomplish. That vision becomes the energy behind every effort and the force that pushes through all the problems. With vision, a leader is on a mission. His or her contagious spirit is felt among the crowd until others begin to rise alongside.

One of the most common questions from people in leadership positions is, "How do I get a vision for my organization?" That is a crucial question, because until it is answered, a person will be a leader in name only.

Although I cannot give you a vision, I can share the process for finding one:

Look Within You-What Do You Feel?

You can't borrow somebody else's vision. It must come from inside of you. The thing that brings it out is passion.

Look Behind You-What Have You Learned?

Every leader's vision is based on his or her own personal experience. What does your past tell you about your future?

Look Around You-What is Happening to Others?

As a leader, you must always take into account other people. If others aren't with you, you aren't leading.

Look Ahead of You-What is the Big Picture?

Leaders don't get bogged down in the minutia. They see everything from the vantage point of the mountaintop. That's why their goals are called vision.

Look Above You-What Does God Expect of You?

No vision is worthy of your life unless it fulfills your destiny, the purpose for which you were designed. Your vision must contribute to your destiny.

Look Beside You-What Resources Are Available to You?

Your vision must be bigger than you. The greater it is, the more resources it will require. The best leaders bring all of the resources in their world into play to accomplish something great.

InThe Right To Lead , John shares stories about leaders from all walks of life and what made them worthy of followers. It's guaranteed to challenge your ideas about leadership, character and courage.

Today, we're pleased to offerThe Right To Lead

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The Right To Lead

Leadership 101

Leadership 101
Great leaders aren’t just born great—they become great with the right tools and resources. A new addition to the Reproducible Training Library, Leadership 101 is a classroom training program, e-learning resource, and e-book that provides skill development and refinement. From discovering how to build trust and confidence with employees to learning how to promote teamwork and act decisively, it’s both an excellent starting point for new leaders, and a back-to-basics refresher for more experienced leaders.
Great leaders aren't just born that way, they must learn how to lead through experience, mentoring, and training. Leadership 101 provides leaders at all levels with the skills they need to improve organizational performance.

Available in 3 separate versions as a classroom training program, e-learning program, and e-book, Leadership 101 is part of the Reproducible Training Library, a full suite of unlimited-use content that’s downloadable, customizable, and reproducible.
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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt
In the book and movie, The Richest Man in Town, the main character, Marty Martinson, leads not with his job title but with his heart. Check out the sample content below and share this unforgettable movie and story on your website, blog, in your newsletter and with family and friends. Perfect time of the year to celebrate leadership as we approach the July 4th holiday and celebrate all the leaders and the community of people who worked for freedom.

“The Richest Man in Town” movie is all about leading with your heart and a service attitude. It may make you laugh, cry or both. Enjoy this 3 minute movie that may also cause you to pause to reflect on life.

Watch this movie link:

Improve your teamwork and be a leader. read the book, Aim for Heart. Aim for the heart !

As a leader, do you honor and appreciate the power of WE? Do you stop to thank and recognize the members of your team? Do you consistently show an attitude of gratitude?

I recently read a great story about Captain Charles Plumb, a graduate from the Naval Academy, whose plane, after 74 successful combat missions over North Vietnam, was shot down. He parachuted to safety, but was captured, tortured and spent 2,103 days in a small box-like cell After surviving the ordeal, Captain Plumb received the Silver Star, Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit and two Purple Hearts, and returned to America and spoke to many groups about his experience and how it compared to the challenges of every day life.

Shortly after coming home, Charlie and his wife were sitting in a restaurant. A man rose from a nearby table, walked over and said, "You're Plumb! You flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. You were shot down!" Surprised that he was recognized, Charlie responded, "How in the world did you know that?" The man replied, "I packed your parachute." Charlie looked up with surprise. The man pumped his hand, gave a thumbs-up, and said, "I guess it worked!" Charlie stood to shake the man's hand, and assured him, "It most certainly did work. If it had not worked, I would not be here today."

Charlie could not sleep that night, thinking about the man. He wondered if he might have seen him and not even said, "Good morning, how are you?" He thought of the many hours the sailor had spent bending over a long wooden table in the bottom of the ship, carefully folding the silks and weaving the shrouds of each chute, each time holding in his hands the fate of someone he didn't know.

Plumb then began to realize that along with the physical parachute, he needed mental, emotional and spiritual parachutes. He had called on all these supports during his long and painful ordeal.

As a leader, how many times a day, a week, a month, do we pass up the opportunity to thank those people in our organization who are "packing our parachutes?"

I love great stories. They can speak to our souls! This is one of 28 great stories that are shared by Tom Mathews in his book, Aim for the Heart….Leading to Build Great Team. Visit Simple Truths: Get the Book Aim for the Heart .
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A View from the Top is the next chapter in Zig Ziglar’s ongoing personal journey of self-discovery. In this exciting mix of studio and live recordings. Zig will share with you his most intimate discoveries as to what he personally has discovered to be the most important elements of a truly significant life.

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Leadout: An Experience in Leadership Simulation
Your manager was unexpectedly transferred to another department. Your new leader doesn’t provide the same type of direction. And now, some of your teammates are trying to undermine his efforts. Does this sound like a typical day at work? Hopefully not! The good news is that today, you aren’t at the office. Instead, you’re far away from your everyday environment, participating in a learning experience that will have a profound effect on how you view teams and leaders.

Welcome to Leadout: An Experience in Leadership, an intense and exciting simulation that uses a real-life business scenario to drive home the importance of core leadership and team behaviors. Rooted in the theories developed by top management experts, the challenge is for teams to make quality decisions while confronting typical organizational issues. Never before has there been a more positive way to distill best practices in planning, decision making, communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal relationships.
How It Works

Working for a land acquisition firm, teams serve as regional offices on a mission to identify and secure land that meets four specific criteria: adequate rainfall, proper drainage, rich soil, and gentle slope.
Each player is given a map that contains bits and pieces of relevant information. But they can’t keep it – they must quickly memorize what they see before it’s taken away. Then, it’s up to the individual players to decide if they want to share their information or not. What they may not realize right away is that every move the team makes will have an effect on the final outcome. Suspense builds as, one parcel of land at a time, the results of the group’s decisions are revealed. Choosing a non-viable land is costly, fertile real estate is profitable, and that’s the difference between winning and losing.

Sound simple? Not so fast. The plot thickens, just as it does in everyday organizational life. Interpersonal conflict rots away at trust. Personnel changes crop up out of nowhere. And no one single person has all of the tools. Decisions must be made quickly – and oftentimes there’s risk involved.

Leadout is a popular favorite among audiences. But the simulation goes beyond just fun. It offers real learning, through the use of midpoint reflection, discussion questions, and a Force Field Analysis exercise.

Uses for the Game

Leadout can be used as a standalone learning experience, or incorporated into a more comprehensive program that addresses: Leadership, Team building, Group decision making, Communication, Planning, Motivation, Risk taking,Conflict resolution, Influence, Product Type, and Simulation.
Objective: To surface team and leader dynamics
Time Required: 2-3 hours

Charles Hosford
Charles Hosford built on Fred Fosmire's initial concept to develop this experiential activity into a unique, exciting and versatile leadership development simulation. With over 35 years of experience in the field, he was one of Behavioral Science's early advocates in the 1960s. He was best recognized for his contributions to leadership development, team-building and conflict management in business and educational settings.
Fred Foxmire Fred Fosmire's creativity is exemplified by the versatility and richness of his Real Estate game which was the basis for Leadout. After a distinguished career at the University of Oregon and as an independent consultant to a number of major corporations, he retired as Senior Vice President of the Weyerhaeuser Company.
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As a leader, deciding to make changes is the easy part. Getting your people on board is much more difficult. Why is that? Quite simply, change is an emotional process. We are all creatures of habit who usually resist it, and welcome routine. Unchartered waters are scary!
Change is Good... You Go First

In the long run, however, sameness is the fast tract to mediocrity. And, mediocre companies won't survive. Tuli Kupferberg said it best... "When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge." And, that is your challenge...to convince your team that the new world you are trying to create is better than the one you're in. Is it easy? Of course not. It takes planning, commitment, patience and courage.

The truth, of course, is that change can be a wonderful gift. In fact, it is the key that unlocks the doors to growth and excitement in any organization. And, most importantly, without it...your competition will pass you by. A big part of success, as a leader, will be your ability to inspire your team to get out of their comfort zones; to assure them that even though they are on a new path, it's the right path, for the right reasons.

That's what this book is all about....ideas, to inspire, to motivate, and to encourage your team to move forward and to embrace change.

I'd like to share one of the chapters titled: Inspire Personal Accountability. Enjoy!
Change is Good... You Go First

Something magical happens when we accept personal responsibility for our behavior and our results. But, it's not easy, because it's human nature to "pass the buck". I (Mac) know there have been times in my life when my business was struggling where I found myself blaming others, blaming the economy, blaming this, blaming that! But as I've gotten older (and a little wiser) when things go wrong in my business, or my life, I can always find the culprit...in the mirror. In every instance, it always comes back to choices I've made in my life that put me exactly where I am today. I have to say, that this one "tweak" in my attitude may sound like a little thing, but it has made a big difference in my life. Change is Good... You Go First

What does all this have to do with change? Plenty! As a manager, one of the most important things you can do in times of change is to get your people to understand how taking personal responsibility and recognizing problems as opportunities, will not only help the company, but will help them as individuals. In other words, sell the idea of...what's in it for them?

Authors B.J. Gallagher and Steve Ventura wrote a great little book about achieving success through personal accountability titled: Who Are "They" Anyway? I like their list showing how each individual in the company can benefit by adopting a "personal accountability attitude":

You have more control over your destiny You become an active contributor rather than a passive observer Others look to you for leadership You gain the reputation as a problem solver You enhance your career opportunities You enjoy the satisfaction that comes from getting things done...the power of positive doing You experience less anger, frustration and helplessness - all leading to better physical health You realize a positive spillover effect into your personal life at home According to Gallagher and Ventura, the most important words of personal responsibility are as follows:

The 10 most important words:
I won't wait for others to take the first step. The 9 most important words:

If it is to be, it's up to me. The 8 most important words:

If not me, who? If not now, when? The 7 most important words: Let me take a shot at it.

The 6 most important words:

I will not pass the buck. The 5 most important words:

You can count on me. The 4 most important words: It IS my job!

The 3 most important words:

Just do it! The 2 most important words:

I will. The most important word:


Frank Tyger said it best..."Your future depends on many things, but mostly yourself."
Change is Good... You Go First

I got goosebumps as I watched...
On March 5, 2003 I turned on Good Morning America while eating breakfast.

Charlie Gibson was interviewing General Earl Hailston, the commanding general of Marine Forces Central Command.

The general was waiting with his troops just a few miles off the border of Iraq...waiting to go to war.

Toward the end of the interview, Charlie asked him if he had any hobbies.

The general said, "Yes, I love photography, especially taking photos of my men." He shared that while he had been waiting for the past few days he took photos of his men, and at night he would email the photos with a brief note to their mothers back in the USA.

Charlie asked if he could see a sample of a letter, and the general walked into his tent, turned on his computer, and read the last letter he had sent. It said:

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of your son. He is doing great. I also wanted you to know that you did a wonderful job raising him.

You must be very proud. I can certainly tell you that I'm honored to serve with him in the U.S. Marines.


General Earl Hailston

Wow! I had goose bumps as I watched Charlie randomly interview a few of General Hailston's men, and without exception, you could feel the genuine love and respect that every one of them had for their leader.

You may have heard the quote..."They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Well, here's a man who truly understood what caring, kindness and leadership is all about.

I love stories like this because they can speak to your soul. This one, and many others, are found in my book, The Essence of Leadership.
Watch this movie now,

Keys to Building your team
Visit the top ten teambuilding websites
Creative leadership
Outdoor Teambuilding exercises
Coaching trends

Walk the Talk with FREE DVDWalk the Talk with FREE DVD - $ 15.95
This beautifully written gift book reminds us all that having values is very important, but it’s much more important to live them. “Walking the talk” is always one of our greatest challenges. This is true for all aspects of our lives – from family and faith, to sports and politics, to our jobs and our communities. Best selling authors, Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura have written a great book that is filled with inspirational and life changing insights.

LEADERSHIP: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL It's no secret that leading people in a way that responds to their individual capabilities yields the best results. But while that idea may seem like common sense, a formalized approach can make the difference between leadership success and failure. Developed by Dr. John Nicholls, a recognized author, consultant, and speaker, Responsive Leadership is a situation-based model whereby managers match their leadership behavior to the individual capabilities of their employees. What makes his approach more effective than other conventional situation-based models is that it is practical for managers to learn, understand, and memorize. It doesn't take much time for leaders to internalize the principles and quickly develop the lifelong skills they need to be confident, successful managers. Click on the HRDQ link to download more information about the Responsive Leadership Model and discover the self-help toolkit for leaders

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Watch this leadership movie now:Rock Solid Leadership

Here is great book for your team:

Go to Simple truths to learn more now: Great Quotes from Great Leaders

Great movie for your team building:
You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School

Watch this leadership movie:

Take the opportunity to reflect on advice from some of the greatest leaders of all time when you enjoy the 3 minute movie, “Great Quotes from Great Leaders.” This Simple Truths classic, features the inspirational words of great leaders such as Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Walt Disney, John Wooden and many others!
Remember to share it with your newsletter subscribers, on your website, or blog and with friends and family. There is sample content below as well as your affiliate movie link.

Enjoy some reflection time this Presidents Day by watching the 3 minute movie, Great Quotes from Great Leaders. It is filled with timeless wisdom from world famous leaders from all walks of life that will encourage and inspire you!

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." ~ Nelson Mandela ~

Click on this movie link:

Bridging The Leadership Divide

Bridging The Leadership Divide

Bridging the Leadership Divide
Building High-Performance Relationships Across Generations Ron Carucci, Josh Epperson, and Lela Tepavac Published by Pfeiffer
Generational differences, especially among leaders, are one of the most persistent challenges facing organizations today. With ever-widening gaps among leaders across an organization, the ability to build bridges between leaders of generational differences has never been more essential.
Bridging the Leadership Divide is a half-day to two-day workshop that helps leaders of multiple generations to remove the inherent barriers to productive relationships between incumbent and emerging leaders. While there is much information available on generational demographics, the focus of this program is on the relational aspects of generational dynamics.
Author Ron Carucci and his colleagues identify six patterns that distinguish distressed relationships from powerful relationships: Rank, Meaningful Conversation, Inclusion and Engagement, Dreaming, Generosity,and Gratitude.
Through case studies, role plays, journaling exercises, development plans, and action planning tools, Bridging the Leadership Divide explains and assesses these patterns, and explores how they either promote or hinder cross-generational relationships.

Ron A. Carucci Ron A. Carucci is a founding partner with Passages Consulting, LLC, where he works with CEOs and senior executives in pursuit of large organizational change and executive leadership capability. He has built dynamic global leadership development systems for some of the world's largest corporations, and co-led the event "Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia" for the nation of Slovakia. He has also served as an adjunct at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Josh Epperson Josh Epperson works with both community-based NGOs and multi-national corporations in a variety of industries. He is the co-author of Future in-Formation (2008). He is on faculty at Argosy University.
Lela Tepavac Lela Tepavac is the president and founder of Fit Leadership, LLC, a leadership consulting firm. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including The New York Times, PepsiCo, United Airlines, Time Warner, and Citibank. Learn more at HRDQ: You can find this leadership tool at HRDQ. Click here,

Courage Leadership

Courageous Leadership

A Program for Using Courage to Transform the Workplace

We have high and often conflicting expectations of leaders. Be reasonable but passionate. Decisive but inclusive. Visionary but explicit. Powerful but humble. Add to that emotionally intelligent, caring, impartial, people-oriented, and of course, profit-driven. The list is so long that it often leaves leaders scratching their heads, thinking: how am I supposed to be all of these things at once?

The answer is courage. It's what enables a leader to face tough times and step up to the plate. It is what gives leadership its backbone.

Courageous Leadership is a comprehensive training package that introduces courage-building, a practice that guides leaders to meet challenges more readily, embrace change more fully, and speak more assertively. Courage-building is all about developing capable and confident leaders who can transform organizations. A combination assessment, workbook, and workshop, Courageous Leadership gives leaders at all levels the foundational skills and abilities they need to become more courageous.

Learning Outcomes: Understand the impact fear has on personal and organizational performance.
Identify which of the three types of courage one uses most often.
Learn about three types of courage and when (and how) to use each.
Discover two distinct ways of leading that inspire more courageous behavior.
Find opportunities to apply courage frequently. Uses for Courageous Leadership, Courageous Leadership can be used at multiple levels of your organization. It's particularly appropriate for mid-level managers, and it also provides many benefits to new and emerging leaders.

How It Works:
The Courageous Leadership Profile helps identify which type of courage leaders choose most often, and highlights which areas require more confidence. It pinpoints the situations in which they are likely to act courageously, as well as those situations in which they are most likely to "play it safe."

The participant workbook offers tips and techniques for raising one's scores in the area that would benefit from the application of more courage.

The Courageous Leadership workshop introduces people to a specific understanding of courage, illustrates how they can become more courageous, and demonstrates the vital role courage has in the workplace and our lives.
Go to HRDQ, to find this tool,

"Walking our talk" is always one of our greatest challenges in life especially as a leader and role model for our families and co-workers. Here's a beautiful 3 minute movie, Walk The Talk, that reminds us that having values is important, but it's much more important to live them!

Walk The Talk movie banner link ~
Our new title, 212 Service, is available in the product

212 Service

Leading at a high level is the process of achieving worthwhile results while acting with fairness, care and respect for the well being of all involved.
The Heart of a Leader

The Heart of a Leader

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