Outdoor teambuilding exercises


Outdoor teambuilding exercises: Go Camping

Get your team out of the office or factory. Take them to great outdoors for a primitive camping trip in tents, a canoeing trip down a river or backpacking trip in the mountains. As mature Eagle Scout, I have had several different camping experiences and high adventure in the wilderness. Your team will learn to work how to work together to get things done.

Start with dividing your team and assigning them with planning assignments: locations, supplies, menus and transportation needs. When you arrive at your location assigned your team with tasks to set up your camp. It is important that you rotate different assignments for cooking, cleanup and maintaining your campfire. Visit your local state or national park for potential camping sites. My favorite campground is East Harbor State Park, Ohio, USA

Outdoor teambuilding exercises; Plan a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt

Design a treasure hunt for your team. Identify a location near your organization that would be fun for your team. Brainstorm different items and locations where your team could participate in treasure hunt or scangear hunt. This exercise will help your team with communication and problem solving skills Treasure Hunt Adventures

Outdoor teambuilding exercises; Go canoeing or white water rafting

I have had the pleasure to go white water rafting on the Snake River near the Grand Tetons. Closer to my home, our teams have canoe down the Mochican River. Locate your nearest canoe livery and set up a time for your team to tackle the river. My favorite river for teambuilding:


Plan your canoe trip on the Mochican River, Ohio, USA

Lake Erie Boat

Outdoor teambuilding exercises: Plan a fishing trip

Visit the Lake Erie and the North Coast. The Walleye capital of the world is located in Port Clinton, Ohio, USA. Plan a fishing excursion for your team to have a fun day out on the water. This exercise will build teamwork and improve morale. Visit the Walleye Capital of the World, Port Clinotn, Ohio, USA

Outdoor teambuilding exercises: Lake Erie Survival

The Sawmill Creek Resort located on Lake Erie, Ohio, USA can provide your team with a unique outdoor teambuilding exercises. When your team is done, plan to visit a local winery, one of the Lake Erie Island, or the Roller coaster amusement park, Cedar Point.

This resort can offer you bridge teambuilding exercises, GPS teambuilding exercises, sailing teambuilding exercises, dune buggy teambuilding exercises and Lake Erie Survival teambuilding exercises. Sawmill Creek Resort Team Building is in the business of helping people and organizations achieve their goals. They strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by creating highly outdoor teambuilding exercises. Plan your next event at Sawmill Creek Resort, Sandusky, Ohio

Outdoor teambuilding exercises: Sand sculpting

Plan a day at the beach an organize a sand sculpture contest for your team. Click on outdoor teambuidling: Sand Sculpting In Australia

Outdoor teambuilding exercises: Ropes Course

I have had the opportunity to experience a ropes courses in Tiffin, ohio, USA.Duing my Hancock County leadership training program. I would recommend you contact your local YMCA or summer camp, to find your neasrest rope course. Your team will develp a strong bond plus gain confidence and enthusiam after using this Outdoor teambuilding exercise. More on ropes courses

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