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Have a good time with these team building games. Play musical chairs, or find big rope for a tug war contest. Team building games for kids can be fun; Capture the Flag, Kick the can, kick ball, soccer game, whiffle ball, softball, or hide and go seek. Have a campfire and sing songs, roast marshmallows and make s’mores. You could even set up a tent in your back yard and have a sleep over. Here are some ideas for kid’s team building

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Here are some great outdoor ideas for your kids.

Are you looking for fun outdoor games for kids & teen? Super, you have come to the right place!

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The games suggested here are for kids & teens of all ages. Feel free to adapt any of the games to fit your particular needs! Thank you.

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Musical Chairs:

Set Up

Set up the chairs in a circle facing outward. Que the music. [edit] Directions While the music plays everybody walks around the chairs in a circle. When the music is paused, everybody scrambles for a chair. This version of musical chairs is different than traditional musical chairs because of one added rule: everyone must be seated when the music stops (no one is ever "out"). After everyone is seated, take away a chair and repeat. Do this until there are no chairs left. 


In traditional musical chairs, in the end everyone is a loser except the one person left in the last chair. In this version, everyone is a winner, and everyone must learn to work as a team. It's not really difficult until there are half as many chairs as there are people. At which point, the leader/facilitator can begin to see the players working together and planning their strategy. It's exciting to watch! Ideas are being shouted and fun and laughter abounds. Watch the wheels turn as they try to solve the problem of everyone having to sit even when there are NO chairs! (everyone sits on their neighbor's knee -- but this isn't obvious at first).


Play musical chairs the traditional way first, then do teamwork style. In the end, it makes for an interesting "aha!" moment when you explain the first way creates mostly losers and the second way creates all winners. TOOBEEZ are Great Team Building Tools! Try Them in Your Group!

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Kids Winter Holiday Party Games

Tallest Tower


For this activity you need some building supplies such as: Paper Cups, plates, bowls Popsicle Sticks or coffee stirrers Cheap pens or pencils Construction Paper or cardboard and you must have some tape (masking tape works best) a bag of candy or another similar prize with enough for everyone (alternatively you can just use "bragging rights" as the prize) [edit] Set Up

Team Strategy

Before the activity, you need to make a packet of supplies for each group. Divide your class into groups of 4-5. If you have less than 12 people, this is probably not the right activity for you. The key here is to divide the supplies unevenly, but put them in a closed bag or box, so that participants can't see that each group is getting a different set of supplies. Each group should have a lot of one supply, and only some of the other supplies.

For example: 

Packet #1 - 1 roll of Masking Tape 10 Paper Cups 5 Popsicle Sticks 4 sheets of construction paper 

Packet #2 a 12” strip of Masking Tape (wound around a pen) 25 Paper Cups 5 Popsicle Sticks 8 sheets of construction paper

Packet #3 a really small piece of Masking Tape 10 Paper Cups 35 Popsicle Sticks 1 sheets of construction paper


Planning the Team Building Activity

Big picture: The participants work to build the tallest free-standing tower they can with the supplies given. Begin by randomly dividing participants into small groups and organizing the groups in different areas of the room. Ask for a representative from each group to come to a separate space (center of the room or a separate room) to receive instructions and materials. Pass out one bag of supplies to each group representative.

You should then introduce the representatives to the activity by simply saying "This is an activity to work on communication and collaboration, and the goal is to build the tallest free standing tower you can with the supplies in the bags. There will be prizes (or bragging rights) for the winners." 

You should be careful to introduce the activity without giving too much context or answering too many questions. Again the key here is that each group will have a different set of supplies but the facilitators should make sure this is not immediately obvious. Once it becomes more obvious, the facilitators should neither discourage or encourage collaboration and sharing. The vast majority of participants when divided into groups, will assume they they should be competing against the other groups but you should not specifically say it is a competition. You will address this in the debrief questions based on the groups' choice to collaborate or compete. 

Answer questions at this point. Try to be very general in answering questions from the representatives. If they have specific process questions, it may be helpful to say something like, "you have received all the instructions I can give you. You and your group will have to figure out the rest". 

Then announce that the representatives will return to the groups, and once they return, the facilitators will not answer any more questions. The facilitators should not answer any questions so that the groups are forced to figure out how they want to build on their own. If the groups decide they want to collaborate, the facilitators should neither encourage or discourage them (this will come up in the debrief). 

Announce that they have ~20 min to build, and let the building begin. 

Some groups will spend time coming up with a detailed strategy, others will just dive right in. Some may start to notice that they don't have much tape, or that the other groups have more popsicle sticks. 

After a few minutes of building you have a few choices. You can ask for representatives to come to the center of the room and report to the other reps one thing they are doing well and one challenge they are having. You can have everyone stop building for a moment and walk around and see other teams' progress so far. 

Again, the facilitators should not answer any questions, and should not encourage or discourage collaboration! It is important to try to deflect... so if they ask, "How come they have so much more tape?" you might say "Sorry, I can't really answer any questions at this point, but it looks like you are making good progress."

As they start to see that other groups have different supplies, some will respond by questioning, some will try to beg, barter, or steal supplies, and some will just resign themselves to the fact that it's not fair and will continue to focus on working with what they have. Make notes of it all, and save it for the debrief. 

The Tallest Tower Team Building Activity

Because of the unequal distribution of supplies, in order to build the tallest tower possible, the groups really have to all merge and share supplies. But because you divided them into groups, and that implies competition to most people, very few participants will try to suggest that the groups collaborate or share supplies. Even if someone in the group suggests it, it is not likely that everyone will agree to it. The facilitators should ask the following questions of the entire group. 

Raise your hand if you helped build a tower! What worked well? What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them? Did you build the tallest tower you could? Why or why not? Add the following questions if the groups did not collaborate or share supplies: Did you assume that you were only supposed to collaborate with those in your small group? What would have been possible if you had decided to share resources with the whole group? Would you have had a taller tower? Why didn't you? Add the following questions if the groups collaborate: How did you come to the decision to collaborate? What became possible once you made the decision to share resources? 

What was challenging? 

And then to make the issues really hit home, you need to tie it back to collaboration and communication on your specific team or group: How does building the tower in this activity compare to your daily work? or the way our group is organized? How does this activity relate to being part of the larger company, organization, or group? How can we encourage collaboration, communication, and sharing among the whole group? TOOBEEZ - Educational & Entertaining! Inspire Your Child's Creativity!

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Human Knot


The group forms a circle. Each person holds out their right hand and grasps another hand as if shaking hands. All then extend left hands and grab another left hand. They should not have both hands of the same person or hands of the people on either side of them. The goal is to then untangle themselves into a single circle without releasing hands.

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Jig Saw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle. Blank ones are nice e.g. this set of 3 blank puzzles for $4.25, but ones with pictures are also ok. It is also helpful to have cups or small bags (to hold a some of the pieces). 

Set Up

Divide up the puzzle into chunks - 1 for each functional group or team.
Pass out the pieces for each group (it helps to divide them into bags. 


Identify the goal you want the team to work towards - e.g. highlighting current challenges fitting teams face in working together, or Introduce the activity - goal is to put pieces together Give people time to work on it (varies depending on complexity) Facilitate discussion about how this relates to what the group is doing in real life (i.e. how group is working together)ff 


How is this similar to what we are trying to do as a team? How is this different? Did you collaborate with the other Teams? Why or why not? How did that help or hinder your progess? What are the implications back on the job? So what? what do we want to take away from this? 

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M and M game

Have fun with this game. You can vary it any way that you like. If you'd rather use cherries and grapes, hey, that works too. It's about what works best for you and your guest. 


Fill bowls with a mixture of M&Ms and Skittles. Blindfold the participants. Allowing them to use only their fingers or a spoon, instruct them to remove only the plain M&ms. The person who picks out the most plain M&M wins. 

Or Try This Variation:

You play with any two types of candies or as I mentioned above, small berries. It's really up to you, as long as they are similar in shape and size, you're good to go!

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Circle games

Games for fun kids

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