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Icebreakers (also known as Warm-ups, Energizers, Openers, and Deinhibitizers) are team building activities that help people feel more comfortable and get to know each other in a process often called "breaking the ice" or "warming up the group." Icebreakers are most commonly used early in the group process or at early stages of team development (e.g. at the first class or at the beginning of a team meeting). They can also be used with great success whenever the group energy is low and people need re-energizing, or when members join or leave the group. Icebreakers work best when they are fun and engaging, and they draw out information or qualities of the participants that aren't obvious or on the surface (e.g. hidden talents, attitudes, or previous experiences). Learning more about each other and having fun can help reduce tension and anxiety and help people get a sense of the commonalities between group members.

Use these fun teambuilding techniques to help build your team.

Icebreaker: Birthday Lineup

Instruct Group members to line up in order of their birthdays without talking.

Possible Variations · Blindfold some or all participants · Use alternative criteria like middle name, age, longest drive to meeting or the shortest drive to the meeting place..

Icebreaker: Crazy Handshakes

Split the group into pairs. Each pair is directed to develop and practice a creative handshake. Once each pair has a handshake, the pair splits and each individual partners with another group member. The newly formed pair then teaches each other the original handshakes and together creates a new handshake. When each pair comes together, ask them to introduce themselves. Repeat a third time asking partners to share all of the handshakes previously learned and then recall the group into a circle. Ask for volunteers to share all of the handshakes learned

Icebreaker: Zen Counitng

Have the group count from one to ten. The larger the group, the harder this is and the longer it can take. Start by giving them instructions and letting them ask questions, but don't allow them to plan any strategy (e.g. there should be no designated order). The rules: · Only one person can talk at a time; if two people speak at once, the group must start over. · No one person can say two consecutive numbers. If they become good at it, have them try with their eyes closed.

Meeting ice breakers

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