Team Games

Team games: can have a positive impact on your team building. Look at these games for your future use.
Big Buddy games
Everyone stands in a circle. The leader of this game is called "Big Buddy" The others, going clockwise, are numbered: 1, 2, 3 and so on. Big Buddy establishes a 4-beat clapping rhythm, saying "Big Buddy, Big Buddy, Big Buddy (followed by a rest) - repeat this until everyone got the rhythm. Each round begins with this rhythm.The game then goes as follows: Big Buddy passes the buck to someone else, saying Big Buddy followed by a number, Number 7 for example. This takes 2 beats, one for saying "Big Buddy" and one for saying "Number 7."Person Number 7 then passes in 2 beats to Number 4 for example, saying “Number 7 Number 4”. It then continues until someone makes a mistake or messes up the rhythm: if and when that happens everyone says (in 2 beats) “Oh Snap”, after which they repeat Big Buddy Big Buddy Big Buddy (+ rest on 4th beat). After that, the player that made the mistake goes to the end of the circle, immediately right of Big Buddy and becomes the highest number. This also changes the number of all participants that were after that person in the circle. The goal of the game is to become the Big Buddy by working your way to Number 1. Participants can also try to make Big Buddy mess up ("Big Buddy" can be used in place of a number in the calling sequence).This game is also known as: "Big Booty"
Snappy Names
Have everyone start slowly with the rhythm: slap, slap, snap, snap. The slaps are on the knees with both hands at the same time, and the snaps are on the right hand then the left hand.One person is designated as the leader, and s/he sets the pace. The object of the game is to get to the leader’s spot.The leader begins the rhythm, and on one set of snaps says his/her name on the first, and someone else’s on the second (your name MUST always be said on the first snap, and someone else's name on the second snap).The person who’s name is called must respond on the next set of snaps by saying his/her own name and then someone else’s. If the person does it correctly, the game continues. If the person does not do it quickly enough or loses the rhythm, s/he must move to the end (the seat to the right of the leader) and the rest of the group moves up a seat (toward the leader’s spot) to fill in the seats. Game continues until group has learned names well.


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