Tall Ships Game

Tall ships team building game

Raise your team’s effectiveness with Tall Ships, the fast-paced simulation that challenges teams to race against the clock — and others teams — to build the tallest ship mast at the lowest cost. Participants learn about and practice the 7 skills critical to effective team performance: Clarity, Capability, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, Continuous Improvement, and Creativity

The Scenario

The Seven Seas Company has selected your company to collaborate with them in an attempt to win a lucrative contract for designing and building a tall ship. But your company must first demonstrate that it can successfully perform the “Seven C’s” upon which The Seven Seas Company is founded. Can your team rise to the challenge to win the deal?

Learning Outcomes
Practice and understand the 7 factors critical to effective teamwork, Identify strategies to improve team performance,and Learn how to apply the 7 skills to an actual team scenario.

Studies show that effective team performance is the result of several interrelated factors that, when adequately addressed, create optimal conditions for success. This research indicates that high performing teams differentiate themselves in 7 key performance areas — the Seven C's of Effective Team Performance. The foundation of Tall Ships, these "Seven C's" operate as a system as well as a set of separate elements.
Clarity — An understanding of the team’s purpose, expected outcomes, roles, responsibilities, and stakeholder expectations.

Capability — Having the necessary skills and knowledge (or ensuring individuals acquire the necessary skills) to complete tasks efficiently and appropriately.

Collaboration — An understanding of how to work together and use resources effectively to achieve team goals.

Commitment — A high degree of commitment to the team’s mission and to each other.

Communication — An understanding of positive communication practices, including active listening and giving and receiving feedback.

Continuous Improvement — A commitment to continuously improve work processes and team effectiveness.

Creativity — Conditions that encourage diverse thinking, new ideas, and innovative solutions.

How It Works

Three game rounds reveal the team dynamics that impact team effectiveness. In Round 1, teams are asked to assemble the tallest ship mast possible in the least amount of time. Lessons learned from this round are discussed and applied to the Seven C’s model. Round 2 challenges teams to rethink their strategy and build yet a taller mast in the same amount of time, but at the lowest cost. Following a team performance assessment and debrief, teams make one last attempt at the task, assembling the mast according to new specifications and requirements. Finally, an action-planning phase provides teams and team members with an opportunity to improve their performance.

Uses for Tall Ships

Perfect for both newly formed and intact teams, Tall Ships can be used as a stand-alone learning event, integrated into a larger training initiative, or adapted to address such topics as leadership, change management, quality awareness, process improvement, and safety awareness.

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