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TIGERS Team Wheel Game

TIGERS Team Wheel Game

5 Easy Steps to Perfect Employee Performance

130 Pages are full of information for every business:

•What never to do when you train your team

•3 Steps to Change Problem Employees

•The staggering Secret to more sales with less staff

•Why the Right Process in place makes for loyal Workers •How with the Right Communication You Never have to fire another Worker

•Why your Leadership Style makes or breaks you business •How to create goals every Worker wants to achieve

•3 Ways to get Your Employees to accomplish Powerful Objectives

•The Secrets to finding qualified, competent Employees every time •What never ever to reveal to your Team
To: All Business Owners and Managers who struggle to find and retain the Right Staff and cannot get their team to be loyal and motivated to get the job done well.
From: Sigrid de Kaste, Business Owner and Business Marketing Entrepreneur with a long history in Retail, Management and Marketing and directing staff to better Performance

If you are looking for a way to find qualified staff ……and Workers who are loyal and motivated doing the job …… and doing the job right the first time and every time …. a team who will get you the sales and keep your customers coming back

……then please read this message very carefully. It will be the most important information you read all year. Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why….

Hi, my name is Sigrid and I’ve hired, managed, motivated and trained heaps of workers in my 30 years in business but NEVER had to fire a single one!

Since the day when I was still an apprentice and I beat my boss in a country-wide customer relations competition and won a trip to the Bahamas have I realised there are a number of easy communication steps I can put in place to persuade others to work with me rather than against.

Over time working in retail, sales and management I have refined these steps until I created a complete system when I owned a number of my own businesses.

As a past employee of Sigrid, I can say that communication has always been her strong suite. I enjoyed the fact that she was always approachable and open to hearing/ trying different ideas. I never felt that sense of "dread" that usually accompanies having to discuss something with your boss! I would happily work with her again in the future. Alana D.
Gold CoastGetting my staff to be happy and motivated and working with enthusiasm allowed me to take time off and enjoy time seeing my grandchild’s first steps!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take time off and leave your team to keep working, making the sales you need while you are working on your businesses’ Marketing Plan and even taking time off to relax completely, just for the fun of it? Mmmmm
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What does it really take to turn around your staff?

Where do you start?

So what’s the first thing you could do? Ask another business owner? Go to the Internet for answers?

Here’s where the problem lies….
Another business owner will very quickly agree with you and tell you all about their own staff issues they themselves have no answers for.
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And the Internet? Don’t get me wrong but most of the information there is for Leadership and that’s important too, but it’s only one tiny part of getting your team working and it is not that easy to implement in your business with your particular staff.
Do you know what I mean? Let me tell you, I’ve been there and searched, online, in the business section of the bookstore, etc, etc. …………and what I found is very good but not from a ‘coal face’, ‘grass roots’, ‘been there, done that myself’ business owner’s perspective.

“Just give me something practical, something I can actually put in place myself?….Pleeease!!!”

Anyway….let me save you the trouble (and many hours of wasting your time searching and asking others) because I couldn’t find it either!

If you’re happy to keep hiring and firing workers, never being sure if the next one will not corrupt your computer system, siphon off some of the hard earned money from your business, asking yourself……….

•How do I get my staff to follow instructions? •When is the right time to say NO to staff asking for time off? •How will I attract loyal, hard working employees? •Why can I not get my team to make the sales quota? •How do I deal with a worker asking for a pay rise? •What can I do to motivate my staff to follow up on customer enquiries? •And many more questions that come to mind…. ..if you want to keep doing what’ve always done….then this book is NOT for you!

Let me tell you, though…….there was a time when I asked myself all these questions and wondered if I was able to handle my own staff…..hiring workers and not being sure they’d perform……steal from me?………be rude with customers?……….but once I stopped to think how I’d always dealt with employees I knew what I had to do.
From then on I never had to fire a worker ever again!

Can you imagine what it feels like to leave your business and take time off? Knowing your team is making the sales for you, dealing with the customer issues in a way only you would …..all in place because you set it up in an easy to repeat, time and time again workable process?

Here’s a quick preview of the information you will have at your fingertips…

…. a list of the things I applied with my staff that always got me the best, loyal and motivated team:Click Here!

•How to set yourself up as a Respected Leader •Step by step Job Description Process to find the Right staff •All you need to know about Staff Selection •What creates Motivation and how you can use it to your advantage •7 Best kept Communication Secrets to motivate your Workers •How to provide Easy, Inspiring Team Training •3 Steps to make Projects fun for your Staff •The essential Process to change Problem Employees •Why Appraisals work and how to put them in Place •What you must never, ever do if you want to keep great Staff •Why Goals are important and how to set them with your Team So if you’d like to always find the Right Staff and never have to fire another Worker again, then you need to keep reading.

As business brokers and business educators we have had the opportunity to ask hundreds of business owners about the intimate details of their businesses, and we have found that one of the most commonly raised issues is staff management. This is why this book is so important. Sigrid has built her business success through her unique staff management techniques, and she has now condensed her insights into this excellent introduction to successful staff management. Matt and Liz Raad www.HowToBuyAndSellABusiness.comThroughout this book are tips and steps to help you set up your Team to be loyal, motivated and perform to their best ability without spending huge amounts of money on getting in consultants and HR firms.

Running a business should be about having the Right People in place to do a fantastic job for you so you don’t have to.

To benefit from an effective Workforce, follow the ideas set out in this book and reap the rewards getting more sales, better profits and time off for you to enjoy the little luxuries of life as a business owner while your staff work with energy and enthusiasm

…..and as a very special introductory offer for a limited time I also have these………

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What's lurking beneath the surface of your teams?

"Great teams do not hold back with one another. They are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses, and their concerns without fear of reprisal." ~ Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable We all know successful teams can accomplish incredible results. But all teams are human, and more often than not, unresolved issues lurk beneath the surface, draining a team's energy and undermining its efforts. What's needed is a proven method to accurately diagnose and remedy the obstacles that block success. Here's the solution. The Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) is an assessment tool that that's produced results for thousands of teams since it was first introduced over 30 years ago.

What does the TEP achieve? Assesses the general health of a team. Identifies the common blockages to team effectiveness. Shows how to maximize the team's productive efforts. Offers strategies to reduce or eliminate blockages to team performance. Gauges team performance improvement. How does the TEP work?

The basis of the TEP is an accurate, 50-item assessment that measures team member perceptions in five key areas: Mission, Vision, and Goals, Team Roles, Operating Processes, Interpersonal Relationships,and Inter-team Relationships. The results yield an Overall Team Effectiveness score as well as sub scores for each of the five dimensions. Following the inventory, the TEP provides extensive interpretive information and an optional 2-hour instructor-led workshop.

Applications for the TEP: Profile and benchmark the effectiveness of a newly-formed team.Educate new teams about issues that could block its success. Surface and remove blockages from struggling teams. Provide executive teams with insights and strategies to improve performance. Track a team's progress over time. What's included with the TEP?

The TEP offers comprehensive materials for both the facilitator and the learner. Everything you need to administer the assessment, interpret the results, and lead a 2-hour workshop is contained within the Facilitator Guide, from background information to step-by-step guidelines, a professional PowerPoint presentation, and even a reproducible article. A takeaway Participant Guide serves as a complete resource for learners, including the 50-item assessment, reflection questions, discussion starters, and action planning.

Next Steps: Learn more about the Team Effectiveness Profile. Register for the free webcast, "How is Your Team Working?" Order the Team Effectiveness Profile at HRDQ,

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