Outdoor Team Building game

Team sports are a great way to build teams. Try soccer, football, baseball, golf, volleyball or basketball. Contact your local chamber to find about leagues your team could join. You can plan a scavenger hunt. You can have your own fun Olympics. Develop unique relay races. Take your team on a camp out or hiking trip. Find ropes courses, or try out paintball. Rock climbing is another great outdoor activity.

Outdoor team building game: Play Capture the flag,
Spud is a really fun game. You begin by simply assigning numbers for the people who are playing. One person goes in the center of the circle with a playground ball and throws it up in the air while calling one of the given numbers. The person with the number should catch the ball and yell "Spud!" Meanwhile the other players are running for their lives as far away from the ball as they can get. Once the player yells, "Spud!" they must freeze. Then the player who caught the ball can take three large steps to any of the players and throw the ball at the player. The aimed at player cannot move his or her feet, but is able to sway his or her body out of the way. If the aimed at player is hit, he gets an S. If the thrower misses, the thrower gets the S. The goal is not to get all of the letters of the game, S-P-U-D, or you will be out of the game
Wheel Barrow Races
These races are so much fun. Keep in mind that they will take some level of physical fitness and the size of the people involved does matter, particularly those who are acting as the wheelbarrow. The object of the game is essentially a race. There will be teams of two people. One will walk on their hands while the other one must walk behind them holding their legs up. This is a race to the finish. Once you finish one leg of the race, the partners switch and the carrier becomes the wheelbarrow. There are many variations on relay races that are fun, but I really enjoy this one.

Dodge Ball in a Circle Game
10 or more team members 2 or more rubber dodge balls or other safe balls Instructions: Draw large circle - 40 feet in diameter. All people are dodgers inside circle except for 1 or 2 scouts that are throwers. Throwers stay outside the circle and try to hit dodgers inside with a ball. If hit, a person leaves the circle and becomes a thrower. Last one left wins.
Hits above the waist do not count and that thrower sits out the next round as a consequence. Dodgers cannot catch the balls. If a ball bounces before hitting a dodger, it does not count. ________________________________________
Alternative: Have all members of one patrol inside the circle and everyone else are throwers outside. When someone is hit, they sit out. Repeat for every patrol and then have winners from each patrol in the circle to find the grand champion.

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