The team is an expression that is often spoken throughout the world of sports to infer the what is most important to achieve success. but, this expression has the same relevance in the world of business. Here are 5 ways to be a good team player that will allow you to ut the team goals and team accountability ahead of your individual situation

1. Meet your deadlines. As a team member you should be someone other team members know they can depend on.
2. Be candid. You should provide constructive suggestions, ideas, and criticisms that enhance Team decisions.
3. Adapt Quickly. Within advances in the technology, increase international business and more diversity in the work place, you need to be " more adaptive, creative and flexible."
4. Appreciate others' work styles. To be a really good team player regardless of whether they are detailed oriented or quick and to the point, or creative or desire group interaction, you should appreciate each other's contributions to the team.
5. Avoid politics. to be a good team member, you should not let yourself get distracted by issues that aren't crucial to the team's mission.

Follow these five keys to teamwork. Your role and function as a team member will be enhanced and your contributions to the organization will be far more regarding. Adapted from M. Steen, Career-Articles from Yahoo, & Dr. Skip, CRI.

Introduction to Team Building Techniques helps increase motivation, promote unity, strengthen corporate and team culture by using proven team building activities.

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