Team Building Exercises Ideas

Do you need am icebreaker? Do you need a team building game? We have the ideas for your next meeting, workshop, or seminar. You can use the Jungle Escape, egg drop or HRDQ exercises. I have use balloon tower several times. Here are some great ideas for your team building process

Teambuilding Exercises : Balloon Tower Supplies: Roll of making tape, 150-200 balloons for each Team Time: 20-30 minutes. Every five minutes give the team a time update. 

Instructions: Give each team their balloons and the masking tape. Explain to them their objective is to build the tallest balloon tower. Tell the teams the time limit. The rules are the balloon tower must be free standing and cannot be taped to the floor, walls or other structures. They key to this exercise is that the Team needs to build a solid foundation. The better the foundation the taller the tower. The real learning takes places as each team is asked to debrief their teamwork process after they have built the tower. Ask them these three questions: 1. What did you, as a team, do well? 2. What went wrong with the team? 3. How could the team improve? I do like to offer a special prize (candy bars, small gift.) to the winning Team. This is a fun TEAM exercise

Teambuilding Exercises:Egg Drop 

Supplies: Roll of making tape, box of straws, and raw egg for each Team. Virtual money account with supply price list-listed on a chalk or dry erase board. Time: 30-45 minutes 

You need to find a location where an egg can be dropped two or three floors down. Instructions: Each team is given a virtual of $5,000 allocation to buy supplies. It costs $250 per straw and $100 for every inch of masking tape. Instruct the teams to build a basket/container in which they put the egg and then drop it the two to three floors without breaking the egg. Encourage the teams to plan out their strategy before they start to buy products. All teams must stay within their budget. When the teams have completed their baskets test them out. Let them drop. Have your cleaning supplies ready

Teambuilding Exercises:Scavenger Hunt 

Instructions: Pick out 20 to 30 different items or information resources within the company, organization, or on campus. It is good idea to alert the other departments or individuals in your organization that this scavenger hunts will take place. Give each team a specified time to find the items on the list. The debriefing of this activity creates a bonding and the team members can learn a lot about the organization in fast time. This works great with new teams and new employees.

Jungle Escape is a high-energy team building game that’s perfect for introducing and reinforcing the concept of effective teamwork, and developing the group process skills that are needed for cohesive team performance. 

“Why can’t these people work as a team?” The cry of frustration is heard every day in organizations while time, money, and opportunities drain away. Pushing people to be better team members doesn’t help if they have don’t have a clear vision of how a well-oiled machine looks and feels. And the fact is, they often don’t. 

An instant hit since it was first introduced thirty years ago, Jungle Escape is an experiential training game that takes new and intact teams on an imaginative adventure: having just survived a crash-landing in a remote jungle, a team of engineers must build an escape helicopter using the spare parts they were transporting. 
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