Teambuilding in Singapore has a very broad meaning (see teambuilding & team bonding); it may mean very different things to different organizations. To some teambuilding may simply mean building cohesion among participants, while to others it may mean improving communication and sharing of information between departments. In essence, it can mean anything that helps you improve group performance.

Build your team in Singapore

If team building is new to your organization, you may want to use the lessons from the Hawthorne Experiments to help you identify some specific areas of that you can begin with. According to the Hawthorne Experiments, these are four areas of a work team that can affect productivity:

• relations between supervisors and workers.

Do supervisors and workers have a healthy working relationship? Are the supervisors trained on skills like coaching and supervision, communication and leadership? Are there any unfair treatments in the department? Are there systems in place to ensure fair treatment of workers? If we need to address issues in this area, then you can focus on team bonding, leadership and communication skills.

There are two ways to improve systems and workflow at the work place. One of them is to enlist the help of consultants who will work with you to fine tune the systems at your office. The other way is to use exercises like “Teams-Talk” to brainstorm for improvements at the workplace, these exercises are especially useful during teambuilding sessions or other casual settings. In this way, the workers will feel that they are part of the decision making process. Signapore Team Building

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