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Do you want to earn a good income? Consider sales. Everybody has to be salesperson. You have to sell yourself in a job interview. Salespersons have unlimited earning p potential. If they work hard they can earn a commission. If they do not, close deal no income. No sale, no money, no life.
What makes a good salesperson? The individual must have passion, purpose and people skills.
The salesperson needs to believe in the product in he or she is selling. I remember when I was in Key Club during my high school year. We sold fruit cakes wrapped in white and red boxes. I hate fruit cakes. I hated to sell fruits cakes and I did a poor job. You need to have a passion to sell your product.Purpose, Rick Warren sold a best-selling book about having a purpose driven life. What is your faith? Your family? What are your goals? A good salesperson has a purpose in their life and career. The purpose gives the salesperson a compass to stay on track. Purpose motivates the salesperson to earn an income. Sales can give someone a very good career. What is your purpose in your life?
People skills make a big difference. Sales people excel is this category. They know how to read people.

Verbal skills, listening skills, and critical thinking all make up the people skills a needed to be successful.Learn more about Sales and marketing
Zig Ziglar wrote a book See You at Top. He provides excellent examples for salesperson. Zig talks attitude. It’s about having a positive mental attitude. Zig explains you need to have specific goals.
Do you know a salesperson? What do these people have in common? The have self-confidence. They believe they have an internal self-control. They make things happen. They make more money than average person. Salesperson believe in themselves. Sales and marketing movies, them Watch today.

The Simple Truths of Selling
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The Simple Truths of Selling

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