Race Around the World

Amazing Race Around the World The Fun, The Laughter, The Mayhem !

This amazing race is a fun team challenge that appeals to all personality types.

Armed with maps, clues, money and sense of competitiveness teams race one another through a series of checkpoints and challenges. Working in teams participants will be required to accumulate the most points within the required time frame by;

•Deciphering clues •Completing a range of hilarious 'Dares'

•Performing a number of fun team based tasks

This is a great activity that allows staff to bond in small groups, have fun, laugh and get a little active!

How will each team decide to play the game? Will they complete the high value challenges or go and do the fun stuff first?...and why is that man wearing Knee High Boots?!?

"Think 'The Amazing Race' on Happy Gas...without the prize money!"

Race Around the World can be delivered anywhere, however we highly recommend that it is delivered within the CBD of a City or Town.

Activity Length 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours

Where Does Race Around the World Work Best?

Race Around the World is a fun team activity that works well as part of any staff team building or celebration. Race Around the World is great for;Race Around the World - Fun DIY Team Building Activity

•Fun Team Building Days •Staff Conferences

•Work Parties

•Work Christmas Party

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