Novelty Trivia Game Show

Novelty Trivia Game Show

FUN Team Trivia, Games and Challenges!

Activity Overview The Novelty Trivia Game Show is a fun team building activity that is great for bringing life to your next staff event.

There's no boring trivia here - the focus is very much about fun, interaction and laughter. This team building activity consists of 5 rounds. Each round has a trivia component and a fun team activity. There's no need to be a Rhode Scholar as there is something for everyone - Use your observation skills, quick wit, assertiveness, creativity or logic to win points for your team.

Novelty Trivia Game Show Trivia and Games include:

•Entertainment Trivia •Balloon Stuffer Activity •Fast Money

•Mix It Match It

•Guess Who - Celebrity Identity


"Imagine if The Price Is Right, Sale of the Century and A Birthday Party got married - This would be their Love Child!"

The Trivia and Games This activity has been designed to appeal to a wide audience group, so the trivia is contemporary and fun. If people have been living on earth they will be able to actively participate! The focus is about fun, so you ARE GUARANTEED that there are NO questions like "who was King George III 2nd cousin removed?".

The activity rounds are easy to participate in and provide staff with the opportunity to move around, get a little active and build relationships with fellow team members through fun, laughter and interaction.

The Great thing about Novelty Trivia Game Show is that it is flexible enough to run as a complete block or as a series of rounds over dinner. The choice is yours! Activity Length 2 to 3 hours

Where Does Trivia Game Show Work Best?

Novelty Trivia Game Show works best as a staff celebration or work party. Novelty Trivia Game Show is great for;

•Fun Team Building Days •Ice Breakers for Meetings •Staff Conferences

•Work Parties

•Work Christmas Party

Price ?

Race Around the World is available as a delivered session and a DIY program. You can easily deliver Novelty Trivia Game Show using our online video instructions and step by step guides.

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