Mars Surface Rover game

Mars Surface Rover game

The Team Version of our popular Mars Surface Rover game is an entertaining way to help new or intermediate-level work teams recognize the distinction between a team and a group, understand how teammates' responsibilities are interdependent, and realize the importance of continual communication within the team. You can fing this game at the HRDQ store.Click here to visit HRDQ

Introduce basic teamwork concepts such as interdependence, common goals, continuing interaction, valuing diversity, and creating a supportive environment.
First, participants work independently — each performing a confidential task for building a prototype astronaut vehicle. Then they complete the vehicle as a team, discussing ideas and sharing their individual expertise. Finally, participants evaluate and discuss 3 key elements of teamwork.
The comprehensive Team Version Facilitator Guide includes: administrative guidelines, theoretical background, Teams vs. Groups comparison chart, answers to frequently asked questions, debriefing questions, reproducible participant handouts. Learn more about the team building game at HRDQ.Click here to visit HRDQ

Each Complete Game includes materials to simultaneously train 3 teams of 4-7 participants. All parts except for the Participant Guides are reusable. Participant Guides Refill 5-Packs and Extra Game Packs are also available for individual purchase.

For larger groups, order one Extra Team Game Pack for each additional team of 4–7 participants. Each Extra Team Game Pack includes: 1 Bag of reusable parts, batteries, 7 Participant Guides, Stopwatch, Calculator, Screen, 1 Set of 6 task sheets, 1 Set of blueprints.

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