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Marketing for Teams

Call it viral, buzz or word-of-mouth advertising: Getting customers to spread the word about a new product through their social or professional networks is a hot strategy in the marketing world. Its proponents insist that the technique -- whether online or face-to-face -- is sure to boost a company's return on investment (ROI).

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Marketing teambuilding three key concepts :

1. Word of mouth

2. Networking

3. Five Pillars, THE SBI Method

My friend John sent me this video and E-Mail;" Here’s a three minute video on “inbound marketing” with links to other resources. Today’s presentations saying they would advertise in the yellow pages made me think of this. " Watch this video about INBOUND MARKETING

You Oughta Know Inbound Marketing

Ideas for Business Promotion to keep you on the top of the food chain in the business jungle. Creative Business Promtion

Watch this video on: How Early Adopters React When the Mass Market Embraces a New Brand Early Adopters Marketing

Teambuilding Marketing Options

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Word of mouth is key to marketing. Joe Gerard, the famous salesman from Detroit, Michigan, USA said the average person has influence and knows 250 people. Each person you know can help you with your marketing effort. Network is all about the groups of people you know. I spent 28 years in Human Resource Management. The number one way people got a job was whom they knew. Some people call it: the” old boy system “, I call it Networking.

Network Marketing

I am building my own website, and I am using the Five Pillar system designed by Solo Build It.

In the 5 Pillar Specific Marketing Strategies section, you'll find a growing selection of articles that focus solely on promotion. They may be excerpts from various 5P Reports or any other useful tips and techniques that will morph you into a high-earning affiliate. The bulk of these articles are categorized according to where you would use their strategies in the PREselling Cycle... · Get Attention/Grow Interest · Build Credibility · Involve/Free Tools · Involve/E-books · Specific Target Markets · Close The Sale

Affiliate Masters Course

Build your own website

Build your own team

Affiliate marketing ideas

E-commerce ideas

SBI works!

You can work at home

Retirees can build an income stream

I love SBI

Learn the secrets about Affiliate Marketing

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