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Introduction to Team Building Techniques helps increase motivation, promote unity, strengthen corporate and team culture by using proven team building activities.

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Management in business and human organization activity is simply the act of getting people working together to accomplish desired goals. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Teambuilding Benchmarks Of Team Excellence Assessment

Get the tool that measures a higher level of team functioning. Benchmarks of Team Excellence reveals important information about the experience and attitudes of those who know the team best — the team members. Benchmarks will help you measure the extent to which teams possess the 6 indicators of excellence:

· Alignment

· Team Effectiveness

· Empowerment

· Passion

· Commitment

· Results

By examining scores for 6 indicators of excellence, team members can identify areas of strength and weakness, discover overall patterns of agreement, and surface differences in perceptions about how the team is functioning.

Learning Outcomes · Measure the extent to which teams possess the 6 indicators of excellence · Compare a team’s performance with other excellent and high-performing teams · Determine action steps to help teams move farther and faster along the journey toward excellence Theory

Benchmarks of Team Excellence was developed as part of an extensive research project that investigated the relationship between various leadership behaviors (visionary leadership behaviors and good management practices) and the level of excellence in the manager's team. A thorough review and synthesis of the literature revealed 6 indicators of excellent work units: alignment, team effectiveness, empowerment, passion, commitment, and results.

The 6 indicators of excellence: 1. Alignment — a deep sense of vision or purpose that is shared among team members. 2. Team effectiveness — strong internal processes that allow coordinated efforts, such as shared values, trust, open communication, flexibility, and decision making. 3. Empowerment — feeling empowered to do what is necessary; personal and collective power. 4. Passion — high and sustained levels of energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and confidence. 5. Commitment — deep commitment to the purpose of the team and to each other. 6. Results — accomplishing outstanding results based on high standards.

How it Works

By combining individual scores with the team’s scores, participants get a portrait of their team’s overall level of performance in each of the 6 excellence indicators. Interpretative information provides insight into the ranges and scores. With analysis, discussion, and action planning questions, participants then reflect on and discuss the team’s functioning and how it can improve.

Uses for Benchmarks of Team Excellence

Benchmarks of Team Excellence makes an effective stand-alone training session. It is also easily incorporated into a larger training program. The assessment has been used by a wide variety of organizations for team building and team leadership training, as well as in programs to teach the concepts of excellent organizational practices, characteristics of high-performance teams, and group dynamics.

What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Facilitator Guide per trainer and one Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

· Administrative guidelines · Theoretical background · Descriptions of the 6 Indicators · Interpretive information · Technical development information including reliability, validity, and more · Sample training design · Overhead transparency masters

Participant Guide includes:

· 36-item assessment · Pressure-sensitive scoring form · Description of the 6 indicators of excellence · Charts for recording results · Interpretive information · Analysis questions · Discussion questions · Action planning

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Frenchman Henri Fayol considers management to consist of seven key functions:

1. planning

2. organizing

3. leading

4. co-ordinating

5. controlling

6. staffing

7. motivating
THE ACCOUNTABILITY EXPERIENCE Instill a mindset for personal accountability
If your organization is like many today, you’re all too familiar with barriers to success such as lack of commitment, stress, and burnout. But that’s what happens when there’s pressure to meet ever-increasing expectations with diminishing resources. The Accountability Experience is a comprehensive learning solution that combines a self assessment and a one-day workshop to give employees the skills, tools, and strategies they need to strengthen their commitment to accountability
Lack of commitment. Stress. Burnout. If your organization is like many today, you’re all too familiar with these barriers to success. But that’s what happens when there’s pressure to meet ever-increasing expectations with diminishing resources.
Yet as a trainer, you know that organizations that embrace accountability, retention, and morale flourish. That’s because employees who are accountable are better able to negotiate clear agreements, build stronger relationships, and feel more in control of outcomes—all of which results in less stress and more productivity.

The Accountability Experience is a comprehensive learning solution that combines a self assessment and a one-day workshop to give employees the skills, tools, and strategies they need to strengthen their commitment to accountability. The result for the organization is individuals who are able to do things more effectively with less stress, feel a sense of accomplishment, develop more positive relationships, and improve personal productivity.
Learning Objectives: Understand the benefits of an accountable environment. Define responsibility, empowerment, and accountability. Discover one’s personal skill levels. Recognize barriers to accountability. Identify appropriate tools to address accountability challenges. Practice skills associated with declining, negotiating, and holding others accountable.Develop a plan to enhance on-the-job accountability.
How it Works

Administered in advance of the workshop, the 73-item self assessment measures an individual’s mindset in four dimensions of accountability: Personal Responsibility, Personal Accountability, Team Empowerment, and Perception of Organizational Culture.

During the one-day workshop, participants are introduced to the Accountability Cycle and its three phases:

Responsibility: Claiming ownership of a task:
Self-Empowerment: 1.Taking personal action to complete the task 2.Accountability: 3.Answering for the outcome
When to Use It:
The Accountability Experience is appropriate for individuals, supervisors, managers, and directors in any industry, including the public sector. It’s also helpful as a refresher course for senior executives.

About the Author

Linda Galindo consults with organizations, teams, and individuals who aim to improve their work and personal lives through greater personal accountability. She is a keynote speaker and conducts executive-level seminars and retreats. She has been a regular contributor to Connect magazine and Lab Medicine. Galindo is experienced in change management, accountability, leadership development, and cultural assessment.
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The history of management can be traced back to Adam Smith, Fredrick Taylor, and Henry Fayol. Peter Ducker became a guru for modern management during the Industrial Revolution. Dr. Deming led the revolution for teambuilding as he introduced quality circles or teams

The term team building refers to the selection, development, and motivation of result-oriented teams. Team building is pursued with a variety of practices, such as group self-assessment and group-dynamic games, and generally sits within the theory and practice of organizational development. formula for success.

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Rocket  kit

Rocket Kit Team Building Game

The Nuts and Bolts of Project Management

Rocket: The Project Management Game
Lou Russell

In today’s streamlined organizations, project management is no longer the just domain of the specialist. Now just about everyone is required to play the project manager role. At the same time, this growing need doesn’t necessarily require certifications, Gantt charts, or the Critical Path Method. Instead, what’s really needed is a basic, solid skill set that can be applied to everyday work.

Here’s the training solution that will provide just the right amount of insight. New from subject matter expert Lou Russell, Rocket: The Project Management Game, a competitive team simulation that emphasizes simple, fast, and flexible techniques for ensuring project success. Think of it as project management for “the rest of us.”

What makes Rocket such an effective learning experience is the combination of an actual hands-on team challenge and Russell’s four-step Dare to Properly Manage Resources model. Through game play, participants learn very quickly the importance of each phase, from planning to completion as well as the need to practice what’s referred to as flexible structure.

Learning Outcomes

Experience firsthand the skills required to manage projects effectively. Understand the various challenges of project management. Realize how to leverage personal strengths to improve project communication. Learn how to apply the DARE model of project management. How it Works

At the heart of the game is a construction project – you guess it, a rocket! Project teams are faced with the challenge of building to exact specifications, given only limited knowledge and resources – and they’re expected to complete the project both on budget and on time. While on the surface, it may seem like a somewhat simple task, tension and pressure grow as information is revealed and team dynamics emerge.

The Rocket Game Kit includes everything you need to train up to 16 players at one time. All parts are reusable.

Product Type



To learn a basic project management process

Time Required

2 hours

Rocket is based on the global industry standard, Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and it supports project management as defined by the American Society of Training and Development’s Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).


Lou Russell is president and CEO of Russell Martin & Associates. She is the author of The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook, Project Management for Trainers, IT Leadership Alchemy, Leadership Training, and 10 Steps to Successful Project Management. She is a frequent contributor to Computer World, Cutter Executive Reports, and Network World, among others, and publishes the monthly Learning Flash electronic newsletter.

A popular speaker, Lou addresses national and international conferences such as the Project Management Institute, Project World, and LotuSphere. She holds a computer science degree from Purdue University, where she taught database and programming classes, and a Masters in Instructional Technology from Indiana University.
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