Improve Productivity

Teamwork does improve productivity. Your business, company or organization can increase your efficiency through teamwork. In a recent study it was determined that teamwork can improve productivity. This study looked at coal mines with the same geological area, similar labor pool and located in the same state. The productivity was measured in the production of tons coal per employee during each shift. The shifts that had the best teamwork with management and employees had the best production. The best teams produce 242 tons per employee. The lowest teams in contrast produce 58 tons per employee.
Teamwork makes a difference.

Dr. Deming taught the Japanese business man after World War II, the basic concepts of Total Quality Management. Deming told the Japanese business that a team is strong than management. He introduced the concept of quality circles. A group of 6 to 8 employees meet together to identify and discuss specific ways to improve the work process. The TQM concept uses Plan, Do, Check and Act.Plan, the team looks at the problem and they develop a plan of action.Second, the team takes action and implements their corrective action.Third step the results are evaluated.
The fourth step is to look for ways to continuous improvement.
Teams have group strength and can be more powerful than one manager. Companies now have to compete in a global marketplace. Teams can give an organization an advantage.
How do you increase your productivity?
Time management is a must. You need a daily to do list. What are your “ A “ tasks? These are your must do items. Get your sleep and rest. Take a break when you are tired.Learn how to delegate. Ask for help when you do not have the skills, talent, or time.Set goal and deadline to improve productivity.

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