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If you had a bank that credited your account each morning with $86,400 - with no balance carried from day to day - what would you do? Well, you do have such a bank...time.

Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it rules off as "lost" whatever you have failed to use toward good purposes. It carries over no balances and allows no overdrafts. You can't hoard it, save it, store it, loan it or invest it. You can only use it - time.

Here's a story that drives the point home.

Arthur Berry was described by Time as "the slickest second-story man in the East," truly one of the most famous jewel thieves of all times. In his years of crime, he committed as many as 150 burglaries and stole jewels valued between $5 and $10 million. He seldom robbed from anyone not listed in the Social Register and often did his work in a tuxedo. On an occasion or two, when caught in the act of a crime by a victim, he charmed his way out of being reported to the police.

Like most people who engage in a life of crime, he was eventually caught, convicted and served 25 years in prison for his crimes. Following his release, he worked as a counterman in a roadside restaurant on the East Coast for $50 a week.

A newspaper reporter found him and interviewed him about his life. After telling about the thrilling episodes of his life he came to the conclusion of the interview saying, "I am not good at morals. But early in my life I was intelligent and clever, and I got along well with people. I think I could have made something of my life, but I didn't. So when you write the story of my life, when you tell people about all the burglaries, don't leave out the biggest one of all... Don't just tell them I robbed Jesse Livermore, the Wall Street baron or the cousin of the king of England. You tell them Arthur Berry robbed Arthur Berry."

Here are six terrific truths about time:How to Change,

First: Nobody can manage time. But you can manage those things that take up your time.

Second: Time is expensive. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of our day is spent on those things or those people that only bring us two percent of our results.

Third: Time is perishable. It cannot be saved for later use.

Fourth: Time is measurable. Everybody has the same amount of time...pauper or king. It is not how much time you have; it is how much you use.

Fifth: Time is irreplaceable. We never make back time once it is gone.

Sixth: Time is a priority. You have enough time for anything in the world, so long as it ranks high enough among your prioriti
What you've just read is an excerpt from First Thing Every Morning by Lewis Timberlake. This book has everything you need to energize your life - reflections, stories and quotes that'll lift your spirits and lighten your load. His insights on more than 50 topics will help you to turn your life day at a time.

First Thing Every Morning

I was just thinking about an irrefutable truth: I can't control what life does to me - but I can control how I react to what life does!How to Change,

One of the best ways to have a good day is to start each day right.First Thing Every Morning is designed to help you do just beginning each day with a short reflection that lifts your spirits and lightens your load. It will set the tone for the rest of the day. And when you start the day reading this book, you will soon see it's not the outlook, but the uplook, that matters.

There are 217 reflections in First Thing Every Morning. Read one each day to start your day right, or we won't tell if you skip ahead for more daily inspiration. Each chapter tells a brief inspirational story and is enhanced with several quotes for the day and some chapters include space for you to write down your own thoughts.

Lewis Timberlake has filled these pages with a lifetime of wisdom and a firm belief in the power of God to guide you through life.

"When we can't piece together the puzzle of our own lives, remember the best view of a puzzle is from above. Let Him help put you together." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Praise for First Thing Every Morning "This book has many applications in both personal and professional circumstances. In these frenetic times,First Thing Every Morning willserve readers well, allowing a quiet moment for consideration of how best to make the most of each day. This book is worth sharing!" - Alan W. Brass, CEO, ProMedica Health System
"Our sales force found your remarks both educational and inspirational. Motivating a sales force is a difficult task, and you have helped me to stimulate my people to do the job. I thank you for that." - James S. Logdon, VP Marketing, GTE

First Thing Every Morning

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