I have found when I pay it forward, it makes me happy. When I am a servant leader, it makes me feel self-fulfilled. Maslow hierarchy needs explains that self-actualization mean individuals reach their potential. When teams reach their goals, they are happy. I am always am amazed to watch millionaires athletes act like children when the win a championship game. They smile, laugh, dance, and cry with joy when the win the big game.

Happiness can some from your family, relationships, your career or job, money, hobbies, art, exercise, reading, hobbies, learning, business, pets, travel, and many different sources. Give thanks for the lemons you have in life. Squeeze your lemons and make lemonade. When you look at a half glass of water, is it half full? Or is half empty? Positive people are happier. I have heard Norman Vincent Peale speak. You can a have happy life with the power of a positive mental attitude.Your attitude is a choice. You can chose to have a good day or bad day. The best is yet to come. O pain and no gain. When I had tough times in my life, My Dad would encourage me. He would tell me that I was in a tunnel, and there is hope. He would say,” There is Light at the end of the tunnel. “He also, told me that you always had options and you were not boxed in a corner.
Happiness can be time spent with family, friends, and love ones. You can find happiness in your backyard when have a cookout. Happiness is good health. Happiness is a promotion and you graduate from High school college, or your obtain a career goal. Happiness is a wedding or successful marriage. Happiness is grandchildren. You can find contentment in your faith and worship. Happiness is climbing mountain, fishing or going camping.

The Road to Happiness Movie

The Road to Happiness w/Free Dvd

The Road to Happiness w/Free Dvd

Learning to Dance In The Rain Movie

Learning to Dance In The Rain with Free DVD
from: Simple Truths

Learning to Dance In The Rain with Free DVD

Ten Keys to Happiness
1. Your spirit is a key to happiness. Take time to Pray. Your faith and your spiritual development are very important to happiness.
2. Your mind is a second key to your happiness. We need to be lifelong learners. We live in digital society.
3. Get moving, exercise, and Workout. Your body is a key to happiness. Your health is priceless. Eat less, exercise more, and drink more water.
4. The fourth key is people. Your relationships with your family, friends and community are vital to happiness. It takes time to build relationships.
5. Your attitude is important to happiness. Choose to be a positive person. Be the light, not a thunderstorm.
6. Have goals. Have a purpose.
7. Pay it forward. Be a giver. When you give you are blessed.
8. Be a servant leader. Focus on others. When you help people you make a difference.
9. Enjoy life. Music, Drama, Art, Travel, Hobbies, Camping, and your special interest.
10. Be thankful. Count your blessings. Contentment is your choice.

"Happiness" from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

3 Steps to Happiness

The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

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