Funny Office Awards

Funny Office Awards
Liven up your Holiday Office Party and solve your Gag Gift Dilemma with our Biggest BUNDLE of Funny Awards Ever! Includes over 200 Printable Funny Award Certificates for coworkers, employees, volunteers, staff, teammates and friends plus templates for making up your own Funny Awards.Click here to view more details by Larry Weaver (Author

These funny certificates are perfect for employee recognition, staff appreciation, corporate events, office parties, funny teacher awards, end of year awards ceremonies, informal meetings, blue collar, white collar, co-workers, volunteers, staff, or any employee or type of business. Click here to view more details

You can add what you need — by typing directly into the PDF, by using your word processing application, e.g. Microsoft Word, or by handwriting — to make the certificates work for you. Print as many as you like on the paper of your choice. Designs are set to work on standard 8.5” x 11” paper. It’s simple and easy to do.

Includes these 3 Funny Awards Collections in 1 Cost-Savings BUNDLE:Click here to view more details

Funny Award Categories: • Job Well Done Awards • Poking Light Fun Awards • Teamwork & Leadership Awards • Department-Specific Awards • Employee of the Month Awards • Build-Your-Own Awards Go to Click here to view more details Award Templates: • Appreciation Award Template • Excellence Award Template • Leadership Award Template • Recognition Award Template • Teamwork Award Template • Employee of the Month Awards Award Templates, cont.: • Great Job! Award Template • You're the Best! Award Template • Congratulations! Award Template • Way to Go! Award Template • Excellence Award Template • Achievement Award Template

User Reviews: Great and Simple! "When we came up with the idea of having some fun awards at our Christmas Party I envisioned I had bitten off much more than I could chew with 200 staff and 1 week out from our Christmas party! I was over the moon when I discovered your product through a Google search! All the hard work done for me! Thank you, this is a great and simple idea!" - Monique A (Mermaid Beach, QLD, Australia)

AWESOME! "Your next award could be on giving excellent customer service! I am printing the beautiful awards on photo paper as I write. They look awesome! I'm so excited to present the them at our celebration dinner!" -Sherry Y (Ridgeville, OH, USA)

Perfect! "The awards were used for an all staff in-service to be a relaxing time. The employees were amused and loved the idea for the awards." -Melissa W (Bloomington, IN, USA)

Hysterical! "When we started handing out the funny awards at our banquet, everyone was laughing hysterically. It made a great impact amongst all the employees." -Eugene L (Sacramento, CA, USA)

Excellent! "We will be passing out these awards at our Holiday Luncheon party! We actually had our employees vote on each other for each award so it should be a lot of fun to see their reactions!" -Mary H (Chicago, IL, USA)

Definitely Recommended! "Whilst normal sales conferences are dull, having the Funny Employee awards on hand brightened up the mood and provided the whole company with many a good laugh. We would definitely recommend these awards as a good light-hearted way to brighten up normal company proceedings." -Simon P (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

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About the Author: Larry Weaver is a professional comedian and creator of Funny Awards. For over 20 years, Larry has delighted audiences across America with a mix of down-home tales and clean, original comedy. He has performed over 1,000 shows at comedy clubs, colleges and corporate events in 36 states, and has shared the stage with entertainment legends Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Faith Hill, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and many others. You may have heard him on Blue Collar Radio or Laugh USA on Sirius XM Radio.

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