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Teamwork can be fun. Use these fun team building games at your next meeting. You can use them for icebreakers. Try out these games. Funny Employee Awards PDF

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Birthday Roundup

Without speaking, group members line themselves up in "birthday order" by month and day starting with January. Once everyone is in line, group members form a circle, keeping the same order. The person with the first birthday then moves to the middle of the circle, shares his or her birthday, first name, and acts out an activity silently. The activity acted out must start with the first letter of his or her first name. Group members standing in the circle yell out answers until the activity is guessed, and the group member returns to his or her place in the circle. The next group member moves to the middle and repeats the process. The group continues in this manner until somebody is out of order. When a group member is out of "birthday order" that person must move to the correct spot in the circle and repeat the names and activities of all the group members who already participated. When everyone has taken their turn, and is in the right spot, the activity is over and group members eat the birthday cake!

Clothes Pin Tag


Option 1: Pin a close pin on the players. Players try to take off the other players close pins. Option 2: Pin clothes pins on all players. The more clothes pins the better. Players try to pin their clothes pins on others until all of their clothes pins are gone.

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Dodge Ball

Set Up

1 person on one side of a line, and all the rest on the other.


This game is a variation on dodge ball, and when someone gets hit with the ball they have to introduce themselves to the group. 1 person "a" will first have to introduce themselves or say a fact about themselves to be able to start throwing the ball. The when person "a" hits a person suppose it is person "d". Then person "d" has to introduce themselves and then takes persons "a" position. Person "a" then goes into the crowd. And the game continues. And if the ball goes toward a person and they hit it, it is still counted toward that person. 


NO hitting above the neck
No Pushing and shoving
No Hitting hard

Scavenger Hunt

Group contributions, resourcefulness, and creative thinking Objectives of large group scavenger hunts can vary depending on the type of event to include: earning revenue, completing a certain number of challenges, and ensuring the balance of team dynamics and participation.

Large group scavenger hunt events typically are the most successful with teams that have at least 3 or more participants, and competing teams of at least 3 or more, preferably 5-15 groups.


Materials for large group scavenger hunt events can include: scavenger hunt lists and clues, backpacks, pencils, paper, compasses, cell phones, gps (geocaching), maps and more.


Room for group to meet and end up in; fun area for scavenger hunt Typical scavenger hunt events for large groups will be facilitated outdoors in a down town city, zoo, outdoor theme park or other fun and adventurous location. Scavenger hunt locations for large groups often follow a theme such as mission impossible or clue based themes.


The following is one idea for a large group scavenger hunt event: After groups are formed, ask one representative to come up and get a paper bag with the scavenger hunt list in it. Ask the group not to open the bag until you say, "go". Establish the boundaries, which are usually the room itself. Tell them to be creative in finding the items on the list and put them in the bag. As long as they can justify it, and can convince the audience it will work. Call time after ten minutes. Have each group explain their items. If you choose to score the activity, have the audience clap, or an "impartial judge" decides.

Suggested scavenger hunt items:

Generic list: 

  1. Paperclip 
  2. Pet leash 
  3. Ticket stub 
  4. Scissors
  5. Pencil 
  6. Out of state license 
  7. Bingo marker
  8. Pocket knife 
  9. The oldest penny
  10. Baby picture

or Creative List:

  1. magic wand
  2. portable phone
  3. flower
  4. an invention
  5. hat
  6. musical instrument
  7. spider web
  8. clock
  9. binoculars
  10. flea circus trapeeze

If you are trying to orient a group to a new space, consider adding items such as “date stamp from library” or “parking ticket from garage”, “count the number of stairmasters in the gym” or similar challenges to help them learn the physical layout of the new space.

Also consider thematic lists: camping trips, holidays, etc. Variation: Alphabet scavenger hunt: have each group find something on their bodies that begins with each letter of the alphabet, have them record the words on a sheet of paper.

Zip Zap Zop 

Stand in a circle. Someone begins by pointing to another person in the circle and saying "ZIP!" That person then points to yet another person and says "ZAP!" That person points to another person and says "ZOP!" This continues, but the words must be said in order: ZIP, ZAP, ZOP. If someone makes a mistake and says a word out of order, that person is out of the game.


-This version makes it a Name Game: Someone begins by pointing to another person in the circle and saying "her name". That person then points to yet another person and says the previous name and "her name". That person points to another person and says the first 2 names and "her name". This continues, but the names must be said in order: Lisa, Sheree, Kim. If someone makes a mistake and says a name out of order, that person is out of the game.

-Instead of putting someone out of the game, make the whole group yell "WRONG!" and point at the one making a mistake. The participant that made the mistake has to step into the middle of the circle and say "I made a mistake". Notice the difference in the way people tell they made a mistake. Do they say it laughing, are they a bit angry, do they protest, are they confident or shy, do they say it like a little child that did something naughty, etc...

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