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A Mother's Special Bond
For Mom :
Heart of a Mother One of the first books we published at Simple Truths was titled, The Race...Life's Great Lesson. It was a poem about the story of a boy and a race, the temptation to quit, and the inspiration to keep going.

In the back of the book, I challenged other writers to send their own inspirational poetry, so we might share it with our customers. I'm pleased to say we received many, but one stood out from all the rest.

It was titled, Heart of a Teacher, by Paula Fox knocked my socks off!

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We published the book around Paula's original poems and stories about how teachers have made a difference in so many lives. It was an instant bestseller!

However, shortly after we published the book, I was having lunch with Paula and her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona. Towards the end of the meal, she said, "Mac, I've got another idea." Well, let me just say that Paula is one of the most creative and talented writers I've ever met and when she has an idea...I listen!

She said, "For years at my church, and at other churches, people have asked me to speak on Mother's Day. I always give the same talk and thousands of people have asked if they could have a copy." I then asked, "What do you talk about?"

She said the speech is called The Heart of a Mother...The Beauty of a Mother's Love. "However, what makes it unique is that I compare a mother's love to 30 different flowers. After I talk about each flower, I reach down and place that flower in a vase. At the end, there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers...each symbolic of the love a mother has for her child. People love it!"

It was one of those moments where I instantly knew it would work. A great concept with Paula's ability to write would be a treasured gift for any mother.

I also knew that to make the book all it could be, we would need a talented artist whose specialty

The end result, in my opinion, is a masterpiece! The unique concept, Paula's words and the beautiful original artwork for each flower, generates a "wow" response from everyone who reads it. For Mom,

Today I'd like to share a brief excerpt from Heart of a Mother, by Paula Fox. Enjoy!

An excerpt fromHeart of a Motherby Paula J. Fox Mothers are also a lot LIKE flowers in many ways...each one has her own unique beauty and each is designed by God to bloom where she is planted. As the heart of a Mother grows and blossoms in beauty and grace, she spreads her fragrance of LOVE not only in her home, but throughout her world.

Walk with me now through this enchanting garden as we examine how the different qualities and characteristics of each of these flowers remind us of the BEAUTY of a Mother's love.

Baby's Breath

Our first flower reminds us of the very beginning of a woman's life as a Mother...the moment when she takes her first child into her arms and smells the fragrance of that sweet Baby's Breath. Her heart will never be the same again.


The Lilac represents the fragrance of a Mother's sacrifice...the lovely scent of forgiveness that results when a flower is crushed and gives back to the very one that crushed it. It reminds us of the beauty that surrounds a Mother who is always willing to forgive her children's faults and offer them compassion, mercy and unconditional love.


The Hydrangea has a wonderful quality of being able to change color from shades of pink to blue. Initially it was thought that this flower was like a chameleon, changing color to match its surroundings, but experiments proved that the color is actually determined by the roots of the plant and the kind of soil it is planted in. This illustrates the Mother who gives her children a rich foundation of love and deep roots of character and strength.

I don't think there's a mother in the world who doesn't love flowers. But, when you combine the beauty of the artwork with the words, it will grab the heart, and not let go!

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