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Practice makes perfect - an old adage and a true one. Our adventures provide an opportunity for teams to learn and practice new behaviors. The concept of adult learning, or practicing what we’re learning, helps teams to really change and utilize what they’ve learned. Our adventures include memorable experiences like:

White-Water Rapids of Change - Take your team on an exciting white-water rapids trip. We will provide learning segments on high performance team behaviors and then offer the opportunity to put this learning into practice by working together as they navigate the river in a raft. On-board experts will teach the team rafting skills and serve as a support to the team. Locations include California, Colorado, Georgia, and Tennessee, USA.

Natures Beauty - Off-site training adventures on cruise ships, at resorts and fabulous locations around the globe provide the perfect opportunity to take your team for a retreat. Employee and leadership workshops of your choice will be provided as the springboard for achieving outstanding results.

High Ropes Courses - The simulations and exciting challenges your team enjoys at our high ropes courses (located around the globe) provide the experiences to work effectively and supportively together.

Race Car Driving - Use the speed and finesse of driving high performance vehicles as your teambuilding venue. Locations include Ohio and Nevada,USA. Teambuilding Adventures 617 Tottenham Birmingham, MI 48009

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Examples of teambuilidng adventures in Maryland,West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., USA

Our Most Popular Programs Portable Team Challenge - on-site or off-site activitiesthat can either be recreational or goal-oriented. For businesses and governmental agencies interested in providing an environment that fosters communication and an opportunity that promotes positive change. We will help open the door - you will choose whether to walk through or not... Adventure Challenge - for large groups interested in a recreational team building program on a tight budget... Teams are given instruction booklets and sent through a rotation of different team building activities. ROPES Course - combining elements of the Portable Team Challenge with additionalHigh Elements, the ROPES Course is a great way for groups to either work on specific goals, or simply enjoy a recreational team building program. Sample Teambuilding Activities Rock Climbing- top-roping courses teach the basics of the simplest and most popular formof rock climbing - knots, belaying, anchors, and movement. Caving - beginners and experts alike will be challenged as we explore the wild caves of West Virginia. Adventure Weekend - a multi-day team building and instructional event for teams of up to 14 participants. Each day is packed with adventure training opportunities (choose from combinations of rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, canoeing, and via ferrata), and each challenge requires significant commitment from the members of the group. Our team of expert guides will give you the skills you need to accomplish each mission. Examples of teambuilidng adventures in Maryland,West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., USA

Boston, Beantown, USA

Examples of teambuilding adventures: No two teambuilding adventures are alike, and let the Sargent Center design your adventure design for your group. Our staff will work with you to identify your goals, assess your needs, and determine the best program to strengthen your organization. Each teambuilding adventure lasts for about three hours, and might consist of a number of different elements, from trust initiatives to low and high courses. The length of your stay will determine how many teambuilding activities your group will complete—be sure to view our sample teambuilding weekend agenda. You can choose from a range of teambuilding activities, including:

· GPS scavenger hunts

· Rock climbing

· Orienteering challenges

· Boat building

· Cross-country skiing

· Indoor initiative activities

· High and low ropes courses

After you’ve finished, our facilitators will help your group discuss and reflect upon both your high points and your challenges as a team. This critical step distinguishes teambuilding adventures at Sargent Center. It not only helps you realize just how much you’ve accomplished during your program, it ensures that you will be able to apply your new skills and team dynamic in your day-to-day office or campus settings. Boston University Sargent Center Teambuilding adventures at Boston University

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