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Employee education is important to company’s human capital. Company need to invest in their employees. Lifelong learning is important to team building. Here are some great ideas for your organization employee education programs. Simple Truths has some great tools for your team building.

Triple your reading speed. Develop a "photographic memory". Increase your brain capacity up to 400% and achieve any goal you desire. Based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the cutting-edge methods revealed here can make a dramatic difference to you and your family, virtually guaranteeing success at work and school.

10 book Leadership Desktop Collection

Go platinum with our all new desktop cubes. This leadership set is a must have for every manager. Affordably priced to send one to each branch or store location.

10 book Leadership Desktop Collection
- $ 129.00
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212 Service with Free DVD

Now with new DVD movie! An all new 212 book focused specifically on service. A must read for every business! Click on the book cover for more details.

212° SuperUTRAIN w/ Gift Book & DVD - $ 149.95

From: Simple Truths

Finish Strong Super UTRAIN w/ Gift Book and DVD

On sale for the first time! Train your team to reach new heights.After much demand for a training program based on the Finish Strong attitude we are proud to deliver you a comprehensive training program to start 2010 strong and Finish Strong.

FINISH STRONG SUPER UTRAIN w/Gift Book, DVD and Silcone bracelet - $ 149.95

From: Simple Truths

If Life is a Game...These are the Rules

Learn the "Life Rules" to the game we call life! Think of this little book as your template to living a happy life.

If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

The Essence of Leadership with FREE DVD

Filled with "a-ha!" moments that bypass the brain and go straight to the heart. Each colorful chapter tells a story of great leadership that will help you develop your own personal leadership style.

The Essence of Leadership with FREE DVD
- $ 15.95
With great photography, inspirational quotes and stories to reinforce each point, Mac Anderson shares what he has learned about leadership in his 30 years as a successful entrepreneur.

The Richest Man in Town Audio CD

The book narrated by the author, VJ Smith is the perfect complement to your daily commute. Sit back and relax as VJ takes you on a tour of his own personal experience with "The Richest Man in Town". Click here to listen to a sample.

The Richest Man in Town with DVD - $ 19.95

From: Simple Truths

The Simple Truths of Service with DVD
If you want your customer service team to get creative about excellent customer service, this book will do the job. An unforgettable true story about a young man with Down Syndrome who changes the culture of a grocery store. Includes DVD, learn more...

The Simple Truths of Service with DVD - $ 19.95

From: Simple Truths

Customer Love with Free DVD
Now with DVD! A must read for every member of your team. This book will get the creative juices flowing and inspire you and your team to create a service culture that will have you writing your own "Customer Love" stories. Learn more

Customer Love w/Free Dvd - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School with FREE DVD
If you're going to climb a tree would you rather hire a squirrel or train a horse? That's the premise for this very clever and insightful book. Mac Anderson shares his 30 plus years of leadership experience in a fresh and engaging manner. Learn more…

You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School with FREE DVD
- $ 15.95
Best Selling Author, Mac Anderson, shares 30 years of "lessons learned" as a successful entrepreneur. And he presents these "nuggets" in a way you'll never forget. This great little book has 29 chapters

Even Eagles Need a Push with Free DVD

A collection of stories about the power of kindness and encouragement. learn more...

Even Eagles Need A Push w/free Dvd - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Achievement posters

The Strangest Secret with Dual-Disc CD/DVD
Written and recorded by by Earl Nightingale this story became the first recording of the spoken word to be certified platinum. There's a reason. This may be one of the most powerful books you will ever read. Original audio recording included. Learn more

The Strangest Secret with Audio CD and FREE DVD
- $ 19.95
Earl Nightingale's classic, The Strangest Secret, earned the 1st Gold Record for the spoken word, with sales exceeding one million copies. Nightingale, known as the "dean of personal development," reveals how he discovered and lived the secret to success.

What it Takes to Be Number One with Audio CD and FREE DVD
The Lombardi philosophy transcends football. His powerful words capture the fundamentals of success in any sport, business and life. Now hear Lombardi's famous speech and enjoy the book brought to life in a short DVD movie. Learn more…

What it Takes to Be #1 with Audio CD and FREE DVD - $ 19.95

From: Simple Truths

Employee Handbook - MS Word and Excel Template Employee Handbook Template
This Employee Handbook template includes 140 topics in MS Word format, which can be easily modified to meet your organization’s needs. The template includes 100 pages of sample material, including sections on Employment Status and Records, Employee Benefit Programs, Timekeeping, Payroll, Anti Discrimination, Harassment, Work Conditions, Leave of Absence, Employee Conduct, Disciplinary Actions, IT Policies, and Health and Safety. Click here to view more details

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