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Ask your team to write a mission statement. Have a potluck lunch or dinner for team member’s birthdays. Go to sporting event or a musical play. Take part in volunteer activity in your community, or help with a local charity. Plan a retreat at local resort or state park. Go on a camping trip or canoe trip, white water rafting. Try Toobeez for easy teambuilding.

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About Toobeez
Often described as giant Tinker Toys, Toobeez is a life-sized construction toy comprised of interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked together to create anything imaginable. Playing with Toobeez brings people together and brings out the best in people. Educational Experts and Teambuilding Professionals have developed innovative training activities using Toobeez.Try Toobeez for easy teambuilding.
Toobeez are currently used in the following categories: education, team building and training, occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation and wherever children gather, such as camps, organizations and after school programs. There is even a group of forward thinking dog trainers who use Toobeez to create challenging courses for agility training.

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Team building activities are importance for building trust, cooperation, and creativity. Deepening the group’s cohesion is inexpensive, efficient, simple, safe, and fun with Toobeez team building activities.Try Toobeez for easy teambuilding. Free Team Building Events
Team building consultants charge a lot for the team building ideas you will find for free in the Toobeez manuals. Conduct corporate team building activities and training with your managers, teaching them the free team building games from Toobeez, and your office leaders will be able to bring these corporate activities to their departments.
Why hire team building services when you can host your own team building seminar yourself?
Angela Melancon, from Strategic Designs for Learning, Colorado Springs, CO, finds the Toobeez teambuilding activity tips helpful for organizing workshops: “The activity materials clearly explain the many team building activities. We often take the suggested exercises and tailor them to meet the specific objectives of a particular session. Toobeez are a great value.” Toobeez tubes and connectors are high quality team building tools that you will be able to use again and again as part of team building workshops, ice breakers, and retreats. Stay On Site for Your Team Building Retreat

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With the creative teambuilding exercises from Toobeez, you do not even have to leave your office to create the perfect corporate team building event. Indoor team building activities have teams to move through hidden mazes and build mirrored structures base only on spoken information to encourage communication, collaboration, and trust. Or guide everyone through a Toobeez obstacle course for an uplifting experience that will build teamwork and confidence. Try Toobeez for easy teambuilding.

Off-site team building workshops can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to coordinate with everyone’s busy schedules. Why spend money and time taking your office off-site for a team building seminar when you can host an effective free office team building event?

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Safe Risk-Taking Team Building Exercises
Businesses have to keep moving to survive, taking calculated risks and trying new ideas. And employees need to feel safe so they can explore new avenues of thought. Conduct management team building activities that encourage risk taking in a safe environment with Toobeez team building techniques.Try Toobeez for easy teambuilding.
Satisfy risk management and build a team with tested and effective team building. Safety always comes first with Toobeez and these challenging and fun team building games create sense of risk without any danger. You can learn the same team building skills from Toobeez employee team building tools as you can at unnecessarily expensive and overly complicated off-site courses. Melancon, from Strategic Designs for Learning, says, “We use Toobeez to teach and reinforce teamwork, business process flow, communication, strategic planning, interdependency, and collaboration."
Use Toobeez for Multiple Team Building Activities & Events You can build an entire effective team building program around Toobeez.
J. Webb, a Trainer and Coach with Creative Challenges, is impressed with the wide range of team building activities possible with Toobeez: "I have been a trainer for about 25 years. Here is what I have to say about Toobeez. Of all the products that I have bought or built this is the best! It is so versatile and has applications in every field from scholastic to working with special needs clients, as well as corporate team building and leadership training. The open ended nature of the product allows a trainer to do entire workshops with just one tool instead of having to use many. I work groups and one on one and they work well with all situations.” Because there are a variety of team building ice breakers, activities, games, exercises, and events, you will find levels of difficulty and time commitment to meet all of your needs—from retreats and seminars, to workshops and events. Corporate team building has never been easier, safer, or more cost-effective than with Toobeez!

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