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Becoming a Customer Service Star

Everyone has a favorite customer service story, but few people can identify the specific behaviors that will result in outstanding service. With Becoming a Customer Service Star, employees and managers evaluate their behavior in 5 critical service areas, examine their attitudes about service, and learn ways to boost their customer service performance.
Don’t just talk about providing better customer service – make it a reality! Becoming a Customer Service Star helps both employees and managers examine their attitudes about customer service in 5 critical areas:

• Having a positive attitude toward customers
• Encouraging customer feedback
• Responding to customer problems
• Developing repeat relationships
• Seeking to exceed customer expectations

The assessment can be used to measure individual performance, build a service team, or identify changes needed in policies or operating procedures. Becoming a Customer Service Star is appropriate for anyone who has contact with customers.

Learning Outcomes:

• Create a profile of individual customer service strengths and weaknesses
• Recognize the opportunities to improve customer service and retention
• Identify an individual action plan to enhance service in the 5 key areas
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Customer Service Activities

Encourage your customer service representatives to answer, learn about, and reflect on the key questions that will help them to deliver exceptional service. Customer Service Activities for Training is a collection of 38 activities, assessments, role plays, and action plans that address 5 critical questions:
Who are our customers?
Why are they our customers?
What's my role in the service process?
What makes customers frustrated - or delighted?
What practical steps can I take to improve service?
Generic enough to use with any type of industry and successful with all types of customer service personnel, the exercises are automatically and completely relevant because participants use their own examples and experiences.

Customer Service Activities for Training is perfect for:

Customer service training sessions
Service team meetings
Team interventions to help celebrate a success or learn from a mistake.
Most of the activities are short, typically under 20 minutes.
Neatly organized in a 3-ring binder, each activity includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, checklists, worksheets, reproducible participant handouts, and discussion points.
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Customer Service Week 2011 is October 4th-8th. This national event is devoted to honoring the people who serve and support customers. Give back to them this week to let them know how much you appreciate their kind efforts that keep customers feeling special, build customer loyalty and affirms your dedication to support their efforts to provide top notch customer service.

“Aim for service and success will follow” Albert Schweitzer

A powerful and key component of an organization is great customer service. The movie, The Simple Truths of Service shares an inspiring story of service.

The beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger truly captures the essence of service. It brings service and life into perspective. It takes only 3 minutes to watch it, and I truly hope you’ll share it with every person in your organization.

Gifts for your customer service team ~ Thank your teammates that work each day to provide the very best customer service by giving them a framed inspiration to inspire them and remind them daily that you appreciate their efforts and dedication. The affiliate link below will take your visitors to the Framed Inspiration page where they can choose from over 70 different designs.
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Knock Your Socks Off Service

KYSOS Today's customers want service that is faster, better, cheaper. But how do you know if your organization is prepared to meet that challenge? Find out with the Knock Your Socks Off Service (KYSOS) Readiness Assessment series.

Based on best-selling Knock Your Socks Off Service® book series, this set of powerful training tools provides customer service managers and employees with valuable insight into their organization's ability to deliver world-class service — and helps them create an action plan for improvement.
Learning Outcomes
Assess current service practices, policies, and procedures Review 8 critical dimensions of Knock Your Socks Off Service® Compare scores with those from more than 100 other companies Theory

The Knock Your Socks Off Service Readiness Assessments are derived from an organizational culture and process instrument called the Service Management Practices Inventory™ (SMPI™). The SMPI is a 100+ item inventory that has been developed through rigorous factor analysis. The dimensions and items in the Knock Your Socks Off Service Readiness Assessments are the most useful and discriminate of the SMPI factors and items, with wordings adapted slightly for self-assessment and scoring modified from the 5-point Likert-type response scales used in the SMPI.

How It Works :

Through a self-assessment, customer service employees and managers respond to 79 statements about customer service behavior and practices. The Employee Guide focuses on your employees' perceptions of their abilities — and those of the organization — to deliver KYSOS. The Manager Guide pinpoints developmental areas and helps customer service managers plan for improvement. Used together, there isn't a more powerful tool to diagnose your organization's readiness to deliver KYSOS.

Uses for the KYSOS Readiness Assessment Series

This set of tools is effective when used as a stand-alone instrument as well as a component of a larger training program. Use the KYSOS Readiness Assessment series as:

An effective gauge of managers' and employees' perception of organizational readiness
Part of a service management/service quality improvement seminar A stimulus for a discussion and action-planning session
What to Order/Product Contents

Order one Facilitator Guide per facilitator and one Participant Guide per participant.

Facilitator Guide includes:

Administrative guidelines
Description of the 8 KYSOS Readiness Assessment Dimensions
Training design options
Interpretive information
Sample charts
Complete technical section including 5 research studies on customer service practices measured by the assessments
Normative information
Transparency and participant handout masters
Manager and Employee Participant Guides include:

79-item assessment
Pressure-sensitive response form
Description of the 8 KYSOS Readiness Assessment Dimensions
Chart for creating profile
Interpretive information
Action planning
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Internal Customer Service Assessment

Internal Customer Service Assessment
How well are you meeting the challenges of providing service within your organization? Because internal service providers have a bond with their customers that external vendors simply do not share, they need to judge their behavior by a new standard.
Unlike any other assessment on the market today, the Internal Customer Service Assessment illustrates the real differences between internal and external service. This 30-item assessment is designed to help internal service providers evaluate how well they are practicing the behaviors that constitute excellent internal service — and then assists them through action planning to improve those behaviors.
Learning Outcomes

Evaluate how well an individual meets the challenges of providing service within the organization.Learn which behaviors are effective in improving internal service. Develop more effective service behaviors. Theory

The Internal Customer Service Assessment is based on relevant internal service literature and consulting experience. At the center of the assessment, the Internal Customer Service Model combines both aspects of the internal service provider’s job. The Model illustrates the dual focus on what is happening both inside and outside the organization.
How It Works:
The assessment presents 30 statements about customer service. Individuals transfer their assessment scores to a chart, creating an Internal Customer Service Profile. This visual profile depicts strengths and areas of improvement in each of the 6 dimensions of internal service. The Participant Guides provide for both individual and group action planning and discussion.

Uses for the Internal Customer Service Assessment>br>

Internal Customer Service Assessment can be used in formalized training sessions or in informal group discussions. Use the Assessment as:

Part of an employee orientation program for internal service providers. A discussion starter for internal service groups. The basis of a training program for internal service. An action-planning tool for service groups. A planning tool for internal service groups whose service ratings are low. As with all HRDQ tools, the assessment is effective when used alone or as a part of a larger training program. Find these tools at HRDQ. >Click here to visit HRDQ

Skill builders for Customer Service

Skill builders for Customer Service
Spice up your next customer service training program with SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Activities, a creative, engaging, and innovative collection of skill development activities from Lorraine Ukens.

The activities in this collection stimulate discussion and learning by actively involving all participants. Quick and to the point, these activities deliver powerful messages to your participants — helping them to understand customer expectations and develop the skills necessary to providing quality service.
Uses for SkillBuilders: 50 Customer Service Skills Activities

A valuable addition to your training library, the exercises are basic enough to include in any training program that incorporates customer service skills. The handy applications matrix matches the activities with 9 important customer service skill areas. Many activities have more than one application:

Change, Communication, Data Usage, Excellence, Negotiation, Perception, Problem Solving, Teamwork, & Product Contents.

Applications Reference Guide to pinpoint the best activities for training needs: Facilitator guidelines, Detailed preparation and debriefing information, Ideas for varying the activities, Discussion questions, & Reproducible participant materials. Activities include:

· A Close Resemblance · Acute Accuracy · Attending to Details · Body Talk · Box Score · Bumper Crop · Character Composition · Collective Connection · Country Time · Custom Made · Customer Account · Dig It · Double-Spaced · Eye Alone · Four to One · Guesstimation · Hidden Meaning · Hot Topics · In One Word · It All Adds Up · Make It Your Business · Matter of Choice · Mirror Image · Mystery Box · No Laughing Matter · Parallel Performance · Portraits · Post Office Box · Primary Colors · Questionable Events · Rate the R-A-T-E-R · Reporting for Duty · Rift Raft · Screen Test · Service Link · Service Search · Split Ends · Star Quality · Stormy Weather · Take a Letter · Talking Back · Thoroughly Complete · Toon-Up · Top to Bottom · Top Trade · Treasure Trove · Up in the Air · Very Wordy · Visible Outcomes · Wishful Thinking Go to HRDQ..
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Reproducible Program Materials

Reproducible Program Materials

You want soft-skills training that gets results, training that addresses your specific needs, learning you can tailor to your audience, and you need it all at an affordable price. HRDQ Digital Download products are designed to meet and exceed those needs. Our digital products are easy to purchase and deliver. We cover a full range of topics and most are fully customizable!

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