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These corporate team building programs can be used in your organization to build teamwork. I have used HRDQ programs over last 10 years. These programs can be used in different situations. They work !

Yes, you can teach people how to be innovative.

If you don’t believe innovation is a skill that can be taught, you haven’t tried Junkyard Games. This outrageously fun simulation combines high energy and fun with creativity and process improvement to bring out the inner innovators in your audience. Even the most skeptical players will experience the concept of innovation as they plan, create, and execute their ideas. And while they’re having fun, you’ll know they’re learning, too.
What You Will Achieve with Junkyard Games

An excellent way to introduce the concept of innovation or energize a team, Junkyard Games can be used as a stand-alone experience or as part of a larger program. Either way, your participants will:
Understand what innovation is all about – and why it’s critically important to success Recognize the differences between innovation and creativity Discover how to tap into their innovative talents Learn an easy-to-apply innovation process model How it Works

Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? That’s what your audience will discover when they play Junkyard Games. Representing make-believe countries, teams must dream up an innovative table-top sporting event for an international competition. First they’ll design a flag, compose a national anthem… and learn a little bit about what it means to be innovative. Then they’re set free to design, build, and even play the most original games ever imagined – using only their skills and the miscellaneous “junk” available to them. May the most innovative creation win!
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Corporate team building games

Jungle Escape
Rescuing teams around the world for 30 years

An HRDQ client favorite, Jungle Escape is a high-energy team building game that’s perfect for introducing and reinforcing the concept of effective teamwork, and developing the group process skills that are needed for cohesive team performance.
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Team Power

Great teams don’t just happen. Authentic teamwork is built upon true commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence - qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time. TEAMPOWER accelerates the process, helping teams transform from ordinary to extraordinary. This comprehensive and interactive program provides in-depth skill development in the vital areas needed for effective performance, including group development, team roles and responsibilities, problem solving, group decision making, communication, and managing conflict. Teams emerge from the learning experience with a fresh sense of direction and practical strategies for working together better.

TEAMPOWER Learning Outcomes: Acquire and develop group process skills Learn how to encourage innovation and implement new work strategies Understand how to communicate and collaborate Unearth and work to resolve blockages to team performance Discover how to boost team spirit, camaraderie, and commitment Develop strategies to improve productivity and work satisfaction With TEAMPOWER, you’ll get all the materials you need to conduct a powerful learning event — from pre-work to participant and facilitator support materials. Every HRDQ Program offers just the right mix of interactive tools, helping participants learn compelling concepts, reflect on relevant experiences, and practice new skills.

Team Effectiveness Profile

Help teams learn how to surface, diagnose, and work through the issues that impede effective teamwork. For more than 15 years, the Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) has helped teams eliminate or reduce blockages in the 5 vital areas of team activity: Mission, Vision, and Goals; Team Roles; Operating Processes; Interpersonal Relationships; Interteam Relationships. Learn more at HRDQ:

Team Adventure Series

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Here is great location for your next team building event.
Teambuilding in Pangkor, or in Lumut , Teluk Batik and Taiping is available. The circumstances at Pangkor, or at the mainland around Lumut are fantastic. The spectacular surroundings at Teluk Segadas (Pangkor), Teluk Batik (near Lumut) and Taiping with the hills and waterfalls have all you need for a great set of days team building. The Pulau Pangkor website is proud to present you the best of the best team building in Pangkor facilities at your service by Explore the Wilderness. Click here for more info:

Palau-Pangkor team building

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