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212 - The Extra Degree with FREE DVD

At 211º water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. It's that ONE Extra Degree that makes all the difference. Use this powerful metaphor to reach new heights.

212° SuperUTRAIN w/ Gift Book & DVD - $ 149.95

From: Simple Truths

212 Service with Free DVD

Now with new DVD movie! An all new 212 book focused specifically on service. A must read for every business! Click on the book cover for more details.

212 Service - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Finish Strong w/FREE DVD and silcone bracelet

The Finish Strong philosophy applies to every aspect of your life. Finish Strong in everything you do. learn more...

FINISH STRONG SUPER UTRAIN w/Gift Book, DVD and Silcone bracelet

From: Simple Truths

Good to the Core

This is a great book for everyone in your organization to read...and re-read. Because without core values, and your commitment to reinforce those values, there can be no long-term business or in life. Learn more...

Good to the Core - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Mac live - A live speech on DVD

In 2006 we launched a book titled "212, The Extra Degree". See the 212 message for business and life spoken by Mac Anderson in a live speech on DVD. Click here to view a short clip from the DVD... <

Mac Live ~A Live Speech on DVD - $ 49.99

From: Simple Truths

Pink Bat with Free DVD

Back in Stock! Turning problems into solutions. Creative author and speaker Michael McMillan shares how you can learn to see "pink bats" in problems. Learn more...

The Butterfly Effect with FREE DVD

NY Times best-selling author, Andy Andrews, writes an unforgettable story about how our world is filled with incredible lives of permanent purpose.

The Butterfly Effect w/free Dvd - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Secrets of the World Class

Steve Siebold uncovers the "mental toughness" secrets of champions. You can learn them too and start dreaming bigger and acheiving more. Learn more...

Secrets of the World Class - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Change is Good... You Go First with FREE DVD

Deciding to make changes is the easy part. Getting your people on board is much more difficult! In a fun and clever manner, this book will help you inspire your team to embrace change and realize change can be good!

Change is Good... You Go First with FREE DVD - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

Goals, The 10 Rules for Achieving Success

From: Simple Truths

Sandbox Wisdom - $ 15.95

From: Simple Truths

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