Benefits of a team

If the leader and the organization do not place a high value on teamwork, then it will not occur. Teamwork takes a commitment, hard work, and continuous improvement. The benefits of a team can lead to big rewards.

What are those rewards? The teams can set realistic goals. Smart goal are the best. Specific, attainable, realistic, and timely. Teams create ownership. They work toward goals.Team members trust and support each other.The benefits of a team are huge.Innovation and problem solving is encouraged. Communication is open and active.Teams are proactive. Team uses all the skills of its skills of its members.Performance is a key. Team focus on results. They work toward the greater good.Conflict is good in a team. Team looks at conflict as growth and progress. The team balances between the task and social. Teams have more productivity, than individuals: Group strength.Team members can advance and help the organization grow.Teams embrace Total Quality Management. Teamwork equals productivity.The benefits of a team are winning. I recently heard Lou Holtz, the great Notre Dame College football coach. Lou stressed the importance of a team. He gave many examples of hard work, teamwork, and playing together pays off.

Think of the great coaches: John Wooten, Paul Brown, Vince Lombardi, Coach K, Woody Hayes, Paul Bear Bryant, they all preached Teamwork. Work ethic is very important to team success.Teams can handle change. Teams adapt as they support each team member. Members are encouraged to reach their full potential and use all their skills. Talent is used to reach goals. Teams are disciplined and stay on task to reach their goals. Teams practice and work hard to prepare for their task.Teams are successful. They win. They meet their sales goals, profit goals, and quality goals. Teams take pride in their work. Teams grow and change. Look at GE, Apple, Facebook, these companies grow and prosper.

Keynote Presentation: Lou Holtz on Gaining Influence

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